Bury one star.

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  1. If you could bury one star now who would it be? You can also drift into the past if you want to, for example:

    "I'd bury Randy Orton now because bla bla bla bla, and in the past I would have buried JBL".

    I would bury Jerry Lawler (it counts). As an actual superstar I guess I'd bury Big Show.
  2. I would say the Miz, but since WWE is a step ahead idk who to bury. There are guys I want to stop being pushed like God's like Cena and Orton, but I can't really say I'd bury them.

    I'll go with Santino
  3. I would bury Slater, what is the point of him?
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  4. Think people are getting the wrong meaning of the word burial. You can't bury someone then just turn them heel to "fix" them. I'm literally talking about burying them, making them irrelevant.
  5. I know what a burial is, that's why I said Santino. I want him to go away from my tv screen forever
  6. Wasn't talking to you.
  7. :bury: Not cool bro.

    Then: I would like to bury Deuce, because he did not catch Taker at Mania vs HBK when Taker jumped over the top rope.

    Now: I would like to bury Miz, he's trying too hard. Not going to be over now.
    Maybe later in 2012, but not now.
  8. Randy Orton. Amidst all of this Cena controversy, the women and children are confused. They cannot cheer for Cena's "hotness" or "super hero" quality without being drowned out. If Orton was gone they would have no back-up. Then my Ruthless Aggression reverting plan would commence. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....:lol1:

    srsly i fckin hate orton.
  9. Miz is already over Jose.
  10. Over to be buried by HHH?
    YES! YES! YES!

  11. [​IMG]

    HHH is the bigger legend but Miz is better currently imo.
  12. Cuz Miz is wrestling weekly.

  13. Again bury big show

    And ADR he needs to start over
  14. First of all why did you use a picture of Xanth? Secondly he's been poor on the mic recently and his in ring ability isn't what it once was. It's got nothing to do with wrestling weekly as HHH was horrible on the mic for the majority of the summer not to mention his match with Nash being a bust.
  15. That ain't Xanth for real at this time, it's Lu Hao, he's a coolio.

    It wasn't that good. But still entertaining imo.
  16. I would rather listen to Vladimir Kozlov monologue at the moment than listen to HHH.
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  17. I would probably choose Big Show as well. With Sheamus and Khali coming a close second.
  18. :laugh: #BowDown
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