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  1. *A loud bang stuns the arena audience. Streamers and confetti begins to fall from the ceiling. Buster Gates music hits.*
    *Buster walks out onto the stage with Reginald close behind. Buster is wearing a full white suit with black sunglasses and his Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. The two men walk down the ramp and head towards the ring. Buster takes a moment to gloat to the members in the front row as Reginald makes his way around the ring to grab a microphone. Buster enters the ring as does Reginald from the opposite end. Buster’s music stops as the confetti continues to fall. Reginald passes Buster the microphone.*
    Buster Gates: What a reception! This past week at Money in the Bank I retained MY championship, just like I said I would. Ever since I got here I’ve been telling you all exactly what I am doing and no-one has believed me, yet every time I’ve followed through on those promises. When are you people going to accept that I am the man around here? I am the champion, I am a shareholder and what I say happens.
    *The audience boo.*
    Buster Gates: Now this week is supposed to be a special week. Champion vs Champion, Buster Gates vs... What’s his name again?
    *Buster turns to Reginald who whispers into his ear.*
    Buster Gates: Vs Spike Cox! Yeah, I don’t know him either. And I don’t care to know who he is either because unfortunately, I am unable to attend this weeks match.
    *The audience boo again.*
    Buster Gates: I know, I know... It’s a shame. I was really looking forward to that match too but I’m going to be too busy with... Washing my hair, or... visiting a friend or shopping or something... My diary is pretty busy. Luckily for all of you peasants, I have found a suitable replacement. Someone who can match the standard of Spike Cox. That man is known as... Actually I don’t know his name, he’s my suit guy. I call him suit guy. So... This week it’ll be Champion vs Champions suit guy as Spike Cox risks his reputation if he loses. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy that match. And if you don’t, well... I honestly couldn’t care less. Enjoy me being a champion because I’m going to be for a long, long time. Let’s leave Reg.
    *Buster’s music hits again. He raises the belt into the air before leaving the ring and heading backstage.*
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