Butt-hurt if Reigns steals Bry's thunder?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by JC4Life37, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Thank you Crayo for inspiring this thread

    Roman Reigns is in another league within the Shield...sooner or later Orton and/or Ambrose won't like it

    Based on his dominance last night, its clear he'll turn face before the others and align with VInce

    Ambrose and Orton will have a power struggle.... while Bry and Reigns align with Vince

    Makes me wonder whether if Vince would eventually favor the younger, bigger star... even if by accident
  2. I wouldn't care. I'd actually mark for Reigns tbh.
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  3. Reigns is part of the future of the WWE. He will be a Batista-like monster face and he will most likely have a few WWE Title reigns.

    Bryan is the WWE's present. His "test feud" against Orton a few months ago went over great. The two mesh well and people were entertained by the way they work against each other. Bryan will be WWE Champ (at least for the first time) in the next few months (I'm guessing Survivor Series at this point, but I can also see Orton staying Champ until the Rumble). Even if Reigns turns face (I actually think it will be Rollins who breaks with the rest of the Shield), Reigns will be an enforcer for a while, not the face of the group. That will be Bryan.

    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  4. Reigns can hardly wrestle, punch , kick, spear. I don't see it, even when the shield fights he's in the ring the least.

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  5. Double post, sorry!
  6. He may get somewhat of a spotlight but I hardly doubt he'll steal DB's thunder at this point.
  7. Like Leo, I don't think he'll steal Beyans thunder, but I wouldn't mind Reigns getting a push tbh
  8. I don't see this happening at all, lol.
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