Kayfabe Buy Out?

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    *Ryan Blake is in his office looking very nervous as he waits for someone*

    Ryan Blake: This is big.....Don't fuck it up this time.

    *Someone knocks on the door causing Ryan Blake to jump up. Ryan rushes to open the door. 5 men walk into the room. 4 big men and one small old man wearing a Thobe. The small man takes Ryan's seat and orders him to stand as he begins to talk.*

    Muhammad: Sorry about the bodyguards....They just seem to follow me these days. Anyway since we're all here I want to tell you what we're doing and what I want to do with this.....place. Since I created this place I have been losing money. Ryan....I don't like to lose money. Why am I losing my money?

    *Ryan Blake begins to speak with a hesitant look on his face*

    Ryan Blake: Well I can only tell the truth. Since TWF died superstars have been going everywhere and a lot didn't sign here. The ratings haven't been the best since we don't have much going on....But we are getting more with Tyson Blade returning and Money In The Bank coming up. A lot of people were pissed about Buster Gates leaving. I can say everything else is great. The roster members we do have are some great guys who love this place. Just wait a few months and this company will pick up.

    *Muhammad smiles at Ryan Blake as he begins to speak*

    Muhammad: You make a good fight for this place. I can see you love it but....I like my money more. I'm a very rich man but I can't stand losing money. So we need a change. I can't keep you as GM when you're losing me my money. I have a son who would be great for this place. And I might give him a call now....

    *Ryan Blake slams his hand on the desk. The bodyguards get very close to Ryan Blake*

    Ryan Blake: You can't. This is my life now and you can't do something like that. I can't wrestle anymore and I can't leave this place...Please reconsider.

    *Muhammad stands up in rage and begins to walk away. Ryan Blake is in shock*

    Muhammad: That is the only option.....Unless you buy this place from me.

    Ryan Blake: I can't buy this place....It costs way too much! I can't afford this place!

    Muhammad: This isn't my problem. Figure out how you're going to get the funds or my son will become GM. Now goodbye!

    *Muhammad and his bodyguards leave as Ryan Blake falls to his knees*

    Ryan Blake: Well.... fuck.

    *Ryan Blake sits back at his desk and begins to do his work for the final time?*
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