Extreme Rules Buyrates released for Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit, and No Way Out

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. -ProWrestlingDotNet (via the second-quarter earnings report press release from WWE)

    So, the No Way Out concept was successfulish, incredibly weird to see tha PPV draw as much as it did. It's weird to see OTL get so many buys in 2010 when everything else was down that year, and I figured OTL would get about 100,000 after the way they tried to convince people not to buy that PPV. Anything you guys want to add?
  2. wonder how many people pirate them instead :burns:
  3. I just think overall it's interesting to note they all increased in buys compared to last year. Not too shabby for WWE it doesn't seem like.
  4. Probably because of Rock at Mania, Brock at ER at by that time they had already turned more eyes onto the product for the next couple of shows even if neither of them were on it.
  5. Good news for WWE. The product has been much better this year than last so it's understandable.
  6. Out of all four of these PPVS, Extreme Rules and MiTB were the best.
  7. :true: I didn't think about Brock being at ER and that boosting the buyrates. I can see how those two back to back PPVs would get more people purchasing the following ones if for no other reason than getting interested in the product again after seeing Rock and Brock.

    I guess my line of thinking was that with people talking about the downturn of our economy and people having to give up more of their wants to focus on meeting their needs, I was a little surprised by the numbers. But I can see how it makes sense.


    I can see your point, and not to be a douche, but.... MiTB isn't one of the four listed in the OP. :emoji_wink:

    I did actually purchase the ER PPV so a friend and I could watch it live, so I get to be counted among that number, woot.
  8. Oh I forgot it's OTL and NWO :gusta:

    Well Extreme Rules was the best!


    I went to the PPV live :jeritroll:
  9. I can agree with Extreme Rules being the best. :emoji_slight_smile:


    Dude, seriously..... sooooooo not helping my jealousy of you, like, at all. :pity:
    The only live event I've been able to attend was one house show in June -- my first and only live event thus far, but really hoping it won't be my last. If it is I shall be thoroughly disappointed. I did get floor seats though, so that was awesome. If I can ever go to a meet and greet event, I'll be very happy.

    Oh, also, 900th post, bitches.
  10. 2011 was pretty boring with it's WM build and follow up IMO, but from the MITB build and through the summer it was really good, much better than the 2012 product has been besides maybe Brock's initial return and Cena feud.
  11. Everything outside the summer in 2011 sucked imo. So far we've had many great matches and feuds in 2012, we can put up a list of 10 MOTYC matches already. That mixed with Rock/Cena, Brock/Cena, Punk/Bryan, Punk/Jericho, Bryan as champion and him becoming a main asset and now Jericho/Ziggler etc it's been great.
  12. Mark Henry's reign of terror >>> any of that
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  13. This.

    And last year, they did usually find something interesting, be it the debut of Sin Cara (and subsequent unintentional comedy), A-Ri's face turn, or the R-Truth heel character back when Little Jimmy was cool, or and Miz's main-event run and the Awesome Truth tag team... later on that year when they tried with Air Boom and the Divas of Doom to reinvigorate their divisions, not to mention the Koskey run with the Mark Henry reign of terror, Barrett Barrage, Rhodes showing his potential... The product as a whole may have sucked, but there was always something to keep you going. This year, I can't say the same for most of it, outside of the recent Punk heel turn, the initial debut of Brock, consistent entertainment from D-Bry and DZ, and general moments from wrestlers you mark for.
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  14. Good for them that they're making more money off PPVs.
  15. I loved his reign of terror too, but that was one segment on one show a week. WWE is consistently a lot better this year.
  16. Extreme Rules should've had way more buys. At least in the 400k range.

    lol at the NWO buy rate.
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