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  1. *Antonios music begins to play with a reception of boos from the crowd.

    fter about 30 to 40 seconds he is no where to been seen. The music begins to play once again and after about a minute or so Antonio appears on the stage which once again receive alot of boos and sits on a steel chair*
    You guys really do hate me don't you. Oh well. The fact of the matter is you are looking at the soon to be first EVER Iron Man Champion. Sure the history of the belt around the world is there, but I don't care about history. All I care about is me and making WRESTLING great again. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm here for one reason and I'm gonna spell it out I'm here to fight. Fight and win.
    The crowd slightly cheer Antonio but quickly go back to boos, Antonio goes over to the buckle and begins to speak*
    Random question. Who remembers my dad?

    The crowd cheer At the mention of Antonios dad Anarchist when he goes to speak is cut off by an unfimiliar theme song

    *the crowd go absolutely insane as Anarchist walks onto the stage down the ramp into the ring and face to face with his son Antonio. Anarchist goes to talk however the crowd are still in shock and Chanting This is Awesome and Holy Sh#@ *

    Antonio, Antonio, Antonio. I still think you're a damn right idiot for getting in the ring early, but your first match in your first match you get an Iron Man Championship. You know what that is right. 15 Minutes in the ring! 15 minutes with and injury are you stupid.
    Dad, I didn't need your opinion on this matter, you have nothing to do with this
    Actually kiddo, I have everything to do with this, Izobella rung me the other day she was nearly in tears, but you don't listen do you? Becuase all you care about is yourself, you always have and probably always will it was the exact same with your brother when you were younger, you always wanted the spot light
    Antonio slaps Anarchist. Which Anarchist is very surprised about and he gets back up*

    Stay out of my business you stupid old Man, my opponent on Sunday, I will win and then we'll see who was right you idiot.
    Screw you, you are just and a stuck up wanna be me!!
    Antonio slaps Anarchist again the goes for the Handspring Cutter (Brighter Light) however Anarchist catches him in an electric chair position and drops him with a slam type move and then he Stands over Antonio lifeless body*
    Good luck Sunday, you're gonna need it
    Anarchist walks out to his theme looking pissed off

    The crowd chant you still got it and this is awesome, the camera pans back to Tony and then fades black*
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