By who would you like to be trained or work-out with?

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    To be trained as wrestler, or just work out with.

    Guess I'll start:

    1. The Rock
    2. Triple H
    3. Dolph Ziggler
    4. Shawn Michaels
    5. Goldberg

    Both of my lists are the same.

    How about y'all?
  2. 1. William Regal: He's one of the all time greats when it comes to ring work.
    2. Dory Funk Jr. : He is a boss and has trained the likes of Edge, Christian, Jeff & Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Test and many others. He obviously gets results.
  3. Trained:

    1) William Regal
    2) Shawn Michaels
    3) Daniel Bryan
    4) Austin
    5) Piper

    Work out with:

    1) Dolph Ziggler
    2) Big O (not in WWE lolol)
    3) Miz just so I could :lol1:
    4) Daniel Bryan
    5) Austin
  4. Dory Funk is an absolute boss.
    A Dutch show host went to his gym this year, and got trained by him.
    Wrestler a match in a Dutch federation.
  5. Definitely Dolph because A.) I'm a mark B.) Would be entertaining because he is hilarious and C.) who wouldn't want to learn how to get that ripped?
  6. Working out with CM Punk would be interesting. For those who dont know I am a fan of his yes thats right you can add CM Punk to the list along with Brock Lesnar and Kelly Kelly
  7. HHH, of course. I'd have a guaranteed push if I ever worked for the WWE.
  8. I would like to work out with Kelly Kelly too.. :isee:
  9. Kane because someday i want to be the Devil's favorite demon
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  10. favourite*

  11. I'd love to workout with Sin Cara. I bet his leg workouts are killer.
  12. fuck you* :dawg:
  13. CM Punk works out? :dawg:
  14. you gotta put time in to maintain that level of skinny fatness
  15. Yes he does work out hes tweeted pics of him at the gym also during Wrestlemania 28 week thee was a video uploaded of him actually working out it was awesome
  16. 5 Sabu: I wanna learn how to be crazy like him.
    4: Mick Foley
    3: The Rock
    2: Terry Funk
    1: Bret Hart
  17. Randy Orton, and Lita. Lita could help me then Randal could... inspire me at the same time.

  18. To enlight you.. :isee:
  19. Here I found yours and Randy's workout song,
  20. I'm NEVER gonna use that. Creepy. ://


    To inspire me to keep going...:yay:
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