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Steam is doing away with its famed (and kinda broken) Greenlight program and replacing it with steam direct.

Greenlight relied on votes, the more popular games got 'greenlit' and the lesser ones didnt. This gave rise to Vote Farming groups on steam and crappy games getting more attention than actual well made games.

Steam Direct however will cut the step short, Valve will now release your game after they get some details from the you, mostly of financial nature, with a one time fee (just for releasing, they still get a cut of the profit).

The fee itself hasn't been decided yet, I've heard rumours about it being from $100 - $5000. I hope its not 5000, but I also hope its not 100.

If its 5000, we may never get to see true indie finds anymore, if its 100, we'll be littered with garbage.

Thoughts? Like it? Hate it?

A Detail article if you want to have a read: Valve says goodbye to Steam Greenlight, hello to “Direct” publishing
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We'll have to wait and see.

There are a few good games that came out of Steam Greenlight but for the most part it was riddled with utter meme trash, and had a lot of entries from people who said "Hey I can make a game too!" when they had absolutely no knowledge of what they were doing. I'm not sure what an acceptable fee would be, but I'm hoping it's high enough to dissuade the memelords from presenting their swill but not too high that budding game devs who might be lacking in funds don't have much of a means of getting something out there.
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