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  1. [size=x-large]BYE EVERYONE! Crayo is mostly going to banned so it this is it BYE EVERYONE! :pipebomb: :sad:[/size]​

  2. u keep delete my post in the chat box I told u closed that thread i made one already!
  3. Your thread is filled with bad grammar and was made ages ago, his threadf is allowed to stay. If we delete your constant whining, then it means we are not going to do what you are asking us. Spamming it is just immature.
  4. Crayo will not closed the Best Tag Team Ever thread I already post one already! PROVED! ! I keep PM and asking to closed on the chat box and he keep delete it and injore how fair is that he closed my thread when some one beat to post a thread but not when it the other way around!? I made this like back in Feb. of FUCKIN 2012 WTF!?
  5. Read my post. Thread closed.
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