C and C Face off in Baltimore

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  1. Saturday, July 25th, 2015 - William J Myers Pavilion
    Hot on the heels of DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR XIII, ROH presents a second huge night of action live in Baltimore! On July 25th, Ring of Honor television camera will be rolling. This is your chance to be part of a future broadcast of ROH TV! And with DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR the night before, you never know how the landscape of Ring of Honor be changed by July 25th! This stop of the AFTERSHOCK TOUR is your first chance to see new champions if they are crowned live on internet-pay-per-view, plus all the other fallout from DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR!

    Nigel McGuinness has signed a match steeped in emotion when former partners collide in Baltimore:


    Caprice Coleman is one of the most respected veterans in the Ring of Honor locker room. His years of experience and wisdom make him an invaluable trove of knowledge for young, up and coming athletes. And Coleman has made it his personal mission to guide the next generation toward success though his unique brand of enthusiasm and positive attitude.

    Without a doubt, the man who has benefited the most from Caprice Coleman's mentoring is Cedric Alexander. As a team, the two of them made their mark on ROH, showcasing incredible energy and cohesiveness. The team formed extremely early in Alexander's professional wrestling career, but even then he was so impressive that ROH had to take notice. This was at a critical point in Cedric Alexander's life, when the guidance of a respected, tenured veteran can make all the difference in the world.

    Fortunately for Alexander, Caprice Coleman was there to help him navigate the treacherous waters. ! Although the duo came close and had show stealing matches, they never achieved their ultimate goal of winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Seeing all the potential Alexander had as a singles competitor, Coleman selflessly encouraged him to make his own way. Cedric's career soared as he became a "sure thing" breakout star!

    But recently, Cedric Alexander underwent a major change in attitude after a long streak of matches that saw him come out on the losing end in spite of his incredible efforts. He was visibly agitated and brooding, eventually refusing even the traditional ROH Code of Honor. Caprice Coleman watched this unfold with dismay and knew he had to reach out to his former protégé. He wanted Cedric to remember what had always been most important: honor and integrity.

    Alexander's losing streak came to an end on ROH TV when he beat the undefeated Moose. But the victory was marred by controversy. Cedric utilized a metal wrench Veda Scott had pulled from under the ring and handed to Moose. When Veda's own client refused to cheat at her behest, Cedric Alexander took advantage of the wrench, snatching it and knocking out the big man. As he said while reflecting on his actions, "now I know what I have to do."

    After weeks of not communicating, Cedric finally agreed to partner with Caprice at BEST IN THE WORLD against War Machine. The partnership didn't last, as Alexander once again tried to intervene using the metal wrench. But Caprice would have none of that, valuing honor over anything.

    Disgusted, Alexander abandoned his partner and former closest ally, leaving Coleman alone with War Machine. Soon after, at the conclusion of the Number One Contender's Triple Threat, Cedric slid into the ring and smashed Moose once again with the metal wrench, then added to the brutality attacking Stokely Hathaway. With both her former associates laid out in the ring, Veda Scott happily accepted the wrench back from Alexander, seemingly cementing Ring of Honor's newest partnership.

    Now on July 25th, Cedric Alexander will be forced to answer for his shocking actions when he faces Caprice Coleman one-on-one! This is just one match signed for our HUGE television taping featuring the fallout from DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. For all the latest updates, the place to visit is rohwrestling.com, and get your tickets for July 25th in Baltimore, click HERE.


    SATURDAY, JULY 25TH, 2015

    BALTIMORE, MD 21225


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