C.M. Punk ends relationship (Beth Phoenix).

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  1. The WWE Star CM Punk recently appeared on Arizona's 98-KUPD and said that he ended a relationship. The following is what he said, "I just ended a relationship," Punk said. "No, it doesn't hurt at all. It pisses me off to watch people you love and admire become complete douchebags... People just flake. I guess I realized that it doesn't matter who it was as long as someone was her boyfriend." In case you don't know, The WWE Champion has been dating Beth Phoenix.

    Source: Prowrestling.net (26th January 2012)

    My comments on this:
    Beth Phoenix is a b*tch, hope they fire her for no reason i just hate to see C.M. Punk sad.
  2. She probably is a bit of a needy gal', but she's one of the best female wrestlers WWE have. So no, I don't think I'd want her fired, the diva division is bad enough already.
  3. WWE would be screwed if they let Beth go. Beth and Melina could go to TNA. TNA already has the best Female Wrestler.
  4. Why do people feel an emotional connection to CM Punk the person? Sure mark for his character most on this board do but his personal life has so little to do what we see in ring from both personal. Beth needs to stay and be given some time to work. She could carry half the divas to watchable matches.
  5. Well she's not on TV atm and gets buried on house shows. Dog house?
  6. With the current state of the divas division I'm unsure if they even care enough to demote her.
  7. Lol good point.
  8. You do know their relationship ended months ago?
    In November Beth un-followed Punk and another Diva.
  9. That's quite childish :rofl:
  10. Well i do know that this news article was publiced on the 26th of January which was yesterday:

    Source: Prowrestling.net.
  11. Classy move, Punk! I have always felt Punk had a bad attitude, he is very vocal about everything and it comes off as unprofessional at times. Guess this explains why Beth is in the dog house currently.
  12. I think he's right in what he's saying, but I agree, no need to air the laundry about personal relationships like that. However, he never specifically said her name.
  13. What's changed really for her to be in the dog house? She spends most of her time in short matches if she wrestles at all. Plus she near enough always jobbed in tv. She's the champion sure but it's not like she was actually getting consistent booking before is it?
  14. dang i would of kept hold of her beth is smoking but not as good as eve

    eve is my fav diva!
  15. Beth is pretty hot I must say.
  16. Haha Defiantly

    kelly kelly, eve torres, beth

    They are the amazing 3:emoji_wink:
  17. Beth Phoenix is actually a douche in real life? Never knew that. I don't feel sorry for CM Punk though...
  18. It's cause I wanna get with Layla.
  19. Omg Layla.
  20. Don't start. :emoji_neutral_face: