C.M. Punk mentions marks in Raw match.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by True Warrior, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. On Raw in C.M. Punk's match aginst Chris Jericho which I thought was a great match in my opinion, yelled something about someone being over rated and mentioned marks. Did anyone else hear it? And what are your thoughts on it?
  2. Punk shouldn't be calling anyone overrated.
  3. omg Punk is so awesome fap fap fap da bess GOAT BITW
  4. Can someone find it?
  5. I've been looking all over the internet high and low but can't find it anywhere
  6. that's exactly what i heard but i didn't clearly understand what he was saying
  7. Not sure if serious.
  8. :mad2:
  9. :upset:
  10. here it is at 00:37
  11. Lol wow I think he actually aimed that at @deth

    Punk ftw.
  12. didn't @deth become a punk mark :dawg:
  13. omg omg Punk said 'marks'

    que his fanboys to suck him off for the next 10 years because of this
  14. Amazing, simply amazing. What a legend. Best in the FUCKING World.
  15. Think so yeah. He's the second biggest on here behind Dolph'sZiggler.

    God I hate marks.
  16. Yes, is that a problem, sir. :rock:
  17. The main event at Wrestlemania should just be a 30 minuet shoot promo by Punk. OMG what if he calls some wrestlers by their real names! Or talks about irl stuff! Or behind the scen--

    SORRY, just came in my pants thinking about it OMG
  18. :damn:
  19. What if he mentions TNA wrestling or Linda McMahon!?! O.M.Q.
  20. What if he uses insider lingo like job or push?? :phew:

    Man oh man, that's what wrestling's all about.
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