Cabana courted to join Podcast empire

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Things are going well for Colt Cabana. His podcast the art of wrestling is doing very well. Cabana has not only perfected this podcast, but has received a ton of positive feedback from it. This podcast has not only caught the ears of fans, but actor, comedian and fellow podcaster Jay Mohr.

    Mohr recently tweeted this to Cabana.

    Mohr hosts his own podcast called Mohr Stories, which was formerly heard on Kevin Smith's Smodcast Internet Radio network. Since his departure, Mohr launched his own company called Fake Mustache Studios, which not only caries Mohr's show, but another show called Crab Feast.

    Both shows have done extremely well, and adding Cabana's show could help Mohr build his podcast empire. Not to mention, it would give Cabana's show some more added attention.

    Cabana did respond to Mohr, so their appears to be some interest on his end. So I guess we will see where things go from here.

    Will this hurt or help Cabanas podcast should he say yes? Discuss.
  2. As long as they let Colt do everything the way he wants to then I say go for it. AOW is so good as it is, that changing even little things could ruin the aura of it.
  3. I could see that being a good thing for Colt, as far as giving him an extra push and making AOW even more popular than it already is. But yeah, it would only be a good thing if he remains free to do it as he has been, and if he has full control over it. Otherwise, I can see it being shot to shit. Hopefully it'll work out so that he can be a part of Fake Mustache Studios without changing AOW.
  4. As long as he keeps doing "Creative has Nothing for You" I'm happy. I've never watched Art of Wrestling, so I'm not sure.
  5. AOW is something you listen to, kind of like a radio show Leo. I tend to listen to it if I'm on a journey, he gets wrestlers on some in WWE and some indie guys and just discussing some random things with them. It's usually really interesting tbh, although I agree Creative has nothing for you is legendary.
  6. Oh, I see. I should listen to it sometime later than, when I can, because my Internet is complicated. It seems interesting. But Creative has Nothing for You is epic, indeed. :dawg:
  7. ^^ I think some weeks I prefer CHNFY over Raw. :emoji_wink:


    Oh, and Leo ... If you do want to check it out sometime, you can subscribe to the Art of Wrestling podcast on iTunes, or check it out on
  8. Thanks GN. :jericho:
  9. Anytime, Leo. :boss1:
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