Cactus Jack vs Vader 1994

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. I forgot about this. I swear wrestling was the best in the 90's. The fact that Mick kept going makes him to best Hardcore wrestler in my book.

  2. Vader was a proper big lad. He ruled in the main event of In Your House Final Four. A 4-way match between him, Austin, Bret and Undertaker. Vader's eye gets fucked up early on and he just goes berserk. That match played right in his wheelhouse.
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  3. Definitely. Two absolute greats! ....and two of the most underrated of all time.
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  4. It is funny too because not many people even talk about these two. I mean to me, these two alone were huge assets that WWE acquired back then. It seems the best ones all around are over shadowed by the ones who "look the part" which is bs if you as me. Shouldn't be about looks or who you know, should be about skill and endurance.
  5. Mick Foley underrated? What world is this and how did I end up here?

    Last time I checked Foely is one of the most popular and beloved legends the WWE has. And Vader is always talked about as one of the best big men in the hardcore circle. Maybe the fact he isn't talked about much in the mainstream is because he was last relevant in the mainstream in the mid 90s?
  6. In comparison to other wrestlers, not in and of themselves. Mainstreamers rarely mention Foley from what I have heard/read. To be fair, a lot of them were too younger or not into wrestling when he was around but still.
  7. Mick Foley is the WWE legend they carter out the most next to Ric Flair and the Rock. Him being underrated is such a bizarre statement, no offense.

    Look and listen to that crowd when he returned in 2014. Mainstream wrestling fans know who Mick Foley is. They know of his work and it is still among the most highly rated stuff WWE has produced among fans, and will be for a long time due to the sheer amount of punishment he was willing to take.

    The idea that the man who caused the biggest ratings spike in the Monday night wars somehow is underrated is mindboggling. Mick Foley winning the title finally tipped the scales in WWE's favor for Pete ( & Pete)'s sake.
  8. I know what you are saying and get what you mean, but I am saying in comparison. A lot of people say other wrestlers are better and had better runs than he did and I honestly feel like he is in the top 3 WWE ever signed just for his endurance alone and his willingness to break the barriers.

    I am not sure about this but I did read that a lot of people are expecting Ambrose to be the next true hardcore wrestler but that all depends on how far they let him go. I can see him doing some crazy stuff but nothing like Mick.
  9. WWE doesn't do hardcore. They do Extreme Rules, the stuff they did in the 90s is not coming back because they would not get away with it.

    As for the in comparison of argument, in comparison of who? Foley is one of the Holy 5 of the Attitude era, Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Foley and Triple H, with Kane and Angle slotting in as six and seven right below. The flagships of WWE's most profitable period.

    I fail to see there being that big a list of people in the WWE mythos who could be higher rated than Foley outside of the people on the absolute god tier, ergo Hogan, Andre and Savage. Foley sits in rather fine company
  10. Foley is not underrated, he is mentioned with great affection on places like this.
  11. Best In Your House, imo.
  12. I do kind of understand what the OP is saying, Foley never seems to be mentioned in or around the GOAT lists despite the fact he should be in the discussion. He's mainly remember for the holyshit bumps but he was so much more than that.

    Also completely irrelevant but since we're talking Foley I feel I have to post this
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  13. Yeah I get what you mean, he had 3 wwe title runs but the combined total must be less then a weak and he was not obsessed with going over compared to people who are mentioned as GOATS. Maybe that counts against him when people use the term GOAT. He was more then happy putting people like HHH over and helping them rather then his own personal gain. Foley was no technical wizard or flashy in the ring but he had enough and is a master of storytelling.Loved his matches against HBK for the title in 97 and the match against Austin at over the limit(think that was the event)Also his killer promos and charisma. I rate him very highly
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  14. Triple H yelling at the ref lol
  15. Gotta love Vader and Foley.
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