News Cage Match set for RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jan 30, 2014.

  1. WWE have announced that the New Age Outlaws will face the Rhodes Brothers for the tag-team titles in a steel cage match this Monday.

    Is this where Cody and Goldust split? Or will they win back their titles?
  2. Sounds awesome. Doubt they split here, though. More than likely this is the first time we see dissension between them. It's still too early to break apart completely.
  3. Hmm, should be a pretty decent match, I doubt they'll split (too early) or win the titles back.
    I'm predicting probably like a 6/10 or 7/10 for this one individually.
  4. Sounds like a really good match, I'm pumped.

    I just hope it doesn't end with Cody and Goldust splitting up, I'd rather them feud at WM31.
  5. Nah. They won't split at a Raw.
    Maybe at EC, or a PPV anyway
  6. Since they're obviously gonna use this match to cause discord between the Rhodes brothers (eventually leading to their match at WM30), I think they should sort of reuse the ending from the Hardyz/Dudleyz tag title match at Survivor Series 2001, which saw the following - Matt Hardy had escaped from the cage and the only thing left to do for the Hardyz to win was for Jeff to either escape the cage or make a pinfall or submission. But when Jeff got to the top of the cage, he decided to risk it all for a big moment, which was hitting the Swanton Bomb on D-Von all the way from the top and making the pinfall. The problem was, D-Von moved just in time and Jeff missed it and went right through a table, leading to the Dudleyz picking up the pinfall victory. This caused friction between the Hardyz, leading to their first ever one-on-one match at Vengeance the following month. Just watch 19:51-20:38 for the ending:

    Doing a similar ending (maybe Cody deciding to do a moonsault off the top of the cage instead of climbing over and getting the victory) would be a great way for the Outlaws to retain while also getting Goldust angry as hell at Cody for essentially costing them the tag team titles.
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  7. I would love to see that. I'm pretty sure if I watched that match live. I would have thought Hardy died.
  8. Wow, D-von rolled himself onto that table all by himself while Jeff climbed up the cage. LAME
  9. Yeah, that spot was poorly planned out/executed. But the concept of the ending, I like.
  10. It will be interesting to see how it ends.
  11. Nice to see NAO workin again
  12. Siiiick makes me pumped for RAW. Could end in a Rhodes Brothers brawl.
  13. Sounds good.
  14. Wonder if it'll be the main event. It might not end the show, though. The ending will most likely be a Batista segment. The Rhodes Brothers might split after the match, but I think it'd be too soon.
  15. It wll be great, we`ll see how it ends
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