Cage matches need to be revamped

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Surely I'm not the only one who finds it completely ridiculous that in a cage match there is a ref standing there by the cage, and all a guy needs to do to win is say 'excuse me sir, please open this cage door. I would like to walk out, thus becoming the winner of this barbaric match!' ?

    It completely ruins the match for me every single time. The door should be locked, and to win you should have to gain a pin fall, submission, or climb over the top like a man.

    this has always been a pet peeve of mine
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  2. This has always annoyed me as well. So feckin' pointless? It was even worse when they had the barbed wire steel cage match and Orlando Jordan etc were handing JBL plyers when all he had to do was walk out the door? Dafuq?
  3. I agree. Walking out of a cage match like it's nothing? The only method of win should be escaping, pin fall and submission like you've said. People walking out of a caged match ruins the purpose of a steal cage match and makes it look more cowardly win since he's just simply 'walked out.'
  4. Meh its a logical choice to keep it as it is to me. Especially when the cowardly heel is trying to get away from the beating the face can give them.
  5. I don't even watch cage matches, so I don't know.
  6. From a kayfabe perspective why in the hell would they want to give the cowardly heel that option? Doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of locking them in a steal cage to begin with?

    The same thing could be accomplished by having the cowardly heel trying to climb the cage as soon as the bell rings, but it is more realistic that the opponent would be able to stop them from doing that ass opposed to just walking out.

    Not often that you make terrible posts Seabs, so you get a pass just this once.
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  7. The purpose of a cage was traditionally to keep people out not in. Take Owen / Bret at SS as a prime example. We could raise the kayfabe point for many things such as DQs allowing someone to keep a title, why give the heel that option? The door spot can be solid take Punk clawing during his match with Hardy and grabbing hold of the steps it helps tell a story, say you're a coward what would you do, climb and risk being thrown to the mat or walk out? This to me is one of the few things in wrestling which makes sense.
  8. Yeah that is annoying why wrestlers never leave through the door and always over the cage. Like whats the point in having a door???
  9. I don't think I've ever disagreed with you this much. I'm glad you enjoy it, because it ruins cage matches for me.
  10. The one thing that annoys me is when the cage is open, they start walking out slowly instead of doing what anyone would do if it were real - getting up and sprinting through the door. It really makes it unrealistic which isn't what you're going for on a scripted wrestling show. The idea of a door being there in itself is decent I suppose to get coward heels heat, but I'd prefer them doing it in more inventive ways. Like having the coward heel be a genius, like Edge kind of was (opportunist), by having him sneak in hours before the event and rig the door, or paid some FCW talent or NXT talent to unlock it promising him a match the next week so he gets an opportunity.

    The idea that they can just go "Hey, can I leave please?" is pointless I agree since we're supposed to be like "OMGZ THEY IN THIS BARBARIC STRUCTURE". Also, if the cage is supposed to keep people out seabs, what stops the person wanting to go in confronting the small referee with a threat unless he unlocks it - as he knows he has the key? I kind of agree with Dolph, it's illogical.
  11. Never thought about this before, but the door actually is kind of pointless. But I loved the ending of the Big Show-JBL cage match at No Way Out 2005, which wouldn't have been possible (at least the part about Big Show thinking he won) without a door.
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  12. Hmm... Good point, chap. Good point.

    The ending of that particular match aside (and it is, for the record, a superb example of when a heel has all the odds stacked against them, and yet they just barely manage to skate by with another successful title defense regardless), I actually hate the existence of the door myself and feel it makes the escape portion of the match too easy for the participants involved. I mean, yeah, it's lead to some cool spots over the years (particularly when the heel runs up and slams the cage door into the cranium of the babyface right when said babyface is on the cusp of victory and almost out of the cage), but otherwise, yeah, they should get rid of it.
  13. I couldn't agree more. It needs to be revamped.

    It's like, you have 4 different ways to win, which is annoying.

    Either have the winner declared by pinfall or submission, or by climbing out of the cage or GTFO with the concept of a steel cage match.
  14. I really don't like the door idea either. It does take away from the point: escaping the the cage. If a guy can simply walk out the door, what's the fucking point of ever, and I mean ever, trying to risk climbing over?
  15. In a Japanse company I watch, they have a variant of the cage match where before escaping even becomes an option, you have to score a pin. And you can only escape by climbing out, the door is there to let wrestlers in only.

    I like that stip since it freshens up the typical American cage stip. But that's just me. Not sure how an American audience would take to it.
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  16. I'd expect the American audience to take it really well. It makes sense and it's easy to explain.

    Returning fans almost expect ridiculous stipulations going in with all the crazy matches from the Attitude Era. Fans who've been watching for a while see the current state of Cage matches and Russian Chain matches and the Chamber all the way up to shit like Dixieland, so by comparison this isn't that illogical. You've gotta beat your opponent in a regular match before you get a chance to leave outside the cage. Simple.

    Hell, there's a bunch of TNA examples... if King of the Mountain can become a hit for wrestling fans, this is so much better than that lol
  17. Not that the idea is awful or anything, but I much prefer keeping cage matches to how they are now. Part of the fun of steel cage matches are the moments where one participant tries to escape and the other guy attempts to stop him (which has lead to a number of cool subsequent moments over the years), but if there's no point in trying to climb out over the top until you've already pinned or submitted your opponent, then there's consequently less of those moments by default (unless you just start spamming pinfall and submissions all over the place, and I hate that.)
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