Call it Maybe (NFL Replacement Refs parody)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. I lol'd

    hopefully last night's game will convince the owners that they need to get this deal done with the real officials.
  2. Can someone update me with the massive phase of shitting on NFL refs atm?
  3. They aren't NFL refs lmao. They are replacement officials.

    The real NFL officials are locked out because the CBA between the officials union and the NFL has expired and they can't agree on terms for a new CBA. The guys reffing now are from small time college divisions, and in some cases even high school football.
  4. I see. And they're fucking up I take it?
  5. Fucking up is an understatement. They can't do anything right. They have no control of the games. The games are borderline unwatchable because there is no flow because they take 10 minutes to make decisions on easy and obvious things. I could make a list of 100 things that they are fucking up on.

    But it's not their fault.. they aren't qualified to do this job. It is the owners fault for not giving Goodell the go ahead to get a deal done. They are too greedy to give into realistic and acceptable demands of the ref.

    I think I heard it would cost NFL Owners 2 million to give in to the refs demands. That's 2 million divided 32 ways for every owner. That's like 60 grand for each billionaire owner to give up.. when they make multi-billions dollar each year as a league

    it's beyond a joke at this point
  6. I love you D'Z.
  7. Wow.... That's like pocket change considering how much they make as a league as you just stated. I don't get why they just don't give Goodell the go ahead. Throwing in refs from lower leagues/college/high school football who aren't prepared to ref a pro level game is
  8. Wow is how I would describe it as well. Beyond the money issue there are a few other minor negotiating hang ups such as the league wanting to be able to sit down refs who have a bad game, and obviously the refs don't want to give in to that. I can't remember what else they are discussing, but apparently the league and officials really aren't that close to coming to a deal.

    If last night's fiasco doesn't bring us closer to a deal, idk what will. IF the playoffs are played under these replacement officials then all integrity the NFL has ever had will be out the window IMO. It's bad enough that regular season games are being decided by these clowns.. in a 16 game season when only 6/16 teams make the playoff in your conference.. the difference between Green Bay being 1-2 and 2-1 after last night is HUGE.
  9. Why is that whenever an American sport suffers a lockout of sorts it grows out of proportion real "fast" compared to other countries. I remember when the NHL lost an entire season due to the player lockdown and suddenly Sweden was the top hockey league in the world....Wow...We got some GOAT hockey over here that year though.
  10. Generally speaking lockouts don't get out of hand. The NFL had a lockout before last season and it was resolved before games were missed. The NBA had a lockout before last season and they only missed a few weeks.

    The NHL has lockouts like every 4 years because their commissioner is a joke and they aren't making nearly as much money.. so owners get pissy about player salaries and other monetary issues.

    This lockout is weird because while most people agree that having the real officials is vital (or if they didn't they do now) the owners don't really give a fuck because unlike last season with the player lockout, they are still making infinite amounts of money without the real refs so they don't really give a damn, whereas obviously without the players they would have been losing money out their ass.
  11. Meh, it's how the rich stay rich. Good on the refs though.
  12. It's like a 3 game way of chicken between rich ass owners, officials, and NFL fans at this point. Owners only come out on top if A.) Fans don't stop watching (to any extent) and B.) The Refs eventually cave. If the NFL weren't basically a religion for so many people the owners might feel this in their pockets, but they know they have us by the nuts.

    Same goes for the officials. If they cave, the owners win. I'm not sure that will happen though, and the refs are the ones with time on their side, not the owners. As I said before the backlash WILL come from fans if this shit isn't settled by the playoffs.

    So ultimately the egg is going to be on the owners face no matter what happens
  13. Can understand it to an extent, the NFL can't cave and set a precedent for anyone to go on strike in order to get more money. But then again... this is the most ridiculous thing I've never seen as a sports fan. Ten minute replays that still don't go the right way. Rarely calling unsportsmanlike conduct, and when they do it's never explained/that bullshit call on Stephen Jackson. People getting in fist fights on the field because they know these refs won't do a damn thing about it. Penalizing teams 12 yards instead of 5. Phantom holding penalties being called, and many more being missed. Games like the Sunday Nighter where there were 24 penalties being called where they call trivial shit (and that field goal was debatable). Calling unbalanced lines illegal formations. Giving extra challenges and extra timeouts since they can't keep up with the simple concept of "3 per team" and "No challenges if they have no timeouts". Missing reviews on catches and giving fumbles to the wrong team. As Dolph's said, they just can't do anything right. Shoot, one even threw his hat on the field and a receiver tripped over it. (They usually throw their hat out of bounds to signal a receiver left the field)

    But this was the straw that really broke the camel's back:

    First off, Tate shoved someone out of the way while the ball was in the air, which should be offensive pass interference, but that's rarely called by the real refs. Second... Jennings clearly had posession of the ball, when Golden Tate grabbed on, and they're calling it a "simutaneous catch" after seeing the replay. Simultaneous catch goes to the receiver, but when one guy catches it and the other grabs on, it's awarded to the first guy who got the ball.

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  14. Schefter is reporting that there is a deal at hand to try and get the officials back on the field as soon as this weekend

  15. Weren't the replacement refs the ones who did the woman's football thingy from a few years ago?
  16. They have a few lingerie league refs, yes. But many of them come from DII/DIII college FB as well.

    There's also the crew (I believe it was the crew who called Packers/Seahawks and Redskins/Rams) who were fired by the Pac-12 for not being very good. Great job NFL
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