Call Of Duty 4

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  1. My favourite and many people's favourite COD game, Anyone on here play it? The hacking has died down and when you get a good lobby is a ton of fun.
  2. It's good when hackers aren't there. Not the Goat game many people say it is though. Hipsters galore. When I get Internet I'll hop on though
  3. Awesome, I love it honestly, some annoyances but overall fun.
  4. Tried playing this on pc the other day, it was only £3, it was crap. All the servers were stupid amounts of players like 32 and 64. I did used to love playing this on the xbox though, it is still miles better than the newer CoD's for me as I still need to actually try to do good in it.
  5. Haven't played it in years since I assumed it was overrun with hackers.
  6. I find more legit games than hacked ones tbh
  7. Personally, it's my favourite COD game. Although, COD 1, COD 2 and every COD game between WaW and Black Ops 1 are also good in my book.

    COD 4 in its peak was a simpler time, a time back when people not aware of Noob Toob $w£G.

    I got it for the Xbox and I'm down to play whenever any one else on the forum does.
  8. Lmao really? I think my brother came second on his first ever game. Cod 4 is easiest one.
  9. Might just be me but I can easily pick up any of the newer Cods after months of not playing any xbox games and come top of the leader board (not counting Ghosts as I haven't played it yet), Cod 4 I have to actually try, could be because there aren't many people playing it so I get in weird lobby's ( last time I played I was red barring on a Japanese host!) either that or I come up against some Cod vets.
  10. I love CoD4. I don't know if it's better than MW2, but I love noob-tubing with the overpowered M16.
  11. You just compared MW2 to Cod 4 :facepalm: x10000
  12. Nah, MW2 storyline-wise might be better than COD4, but in terms of multi-player....COD4 hands down. Depends on which Q you're asking lol
  13. NO JUST NO.
  14. zzzzzzzzzzz, I said multi-player hands down lulz
  15. World At War was the Pinnacle of COD MP. It took what CoD 4 had and made it much better! After that it felt more like copy and pasting and no actual improvement.
  16. I took this forum through a COD 4 phase a while back.

    we should have another one.
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  17. We should, I still have it.
  18. Halo > Cod
  19. If by Halo, you mean 1,2,3,Odst and Reach, then Yes! If you include 4 or Wars in that list then I'm afraid i've got some bad news for you.
  20. The first COD games were literally the same shit with different areas to it. Halo 1+2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The entire Cod series. Halo 3 was alright, ODST was just for your wallet, Reach was worth the 20$ it went to fast, and 4 was a pile of shit after the first update. COD literally was the same game for a decade before hitting modern warfare.
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