Games Call of Duty: Infinite Disappointments

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Jul 29, 2016.

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    CoD... You disappointed me again. I haven't followed any of their stuff, only just now seen this. Uggg. I miss Black Ops II, Modern Warfare 3... This? This is just bad. I hope they eventually go back to a regular war game without all the futuristic physics. Quite sad that this game actually has more space game play, from the looks of it, than Star Wars.
  2. I'm actually super interested in space and sci-fi stuff, but I haven't been interested in Call of Duty for years now, and multiplayer games in general for the most part.

    If this had came out 6 years ago or so I would have been all over it, but my days with these types of games are over. They lack substance for me.
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  3. What peeves me is that it is not a traditional COD game. I am likely being an old fart here but if I wanted to play a space game, there are so many others out there who likely do it better. lol
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  4. You're still into this garbage series I see. :pity1:
  5. Did Canada do away with books? :pity:
  6. I get that. I dunno much about Advanced Warfare because I never played it but I have played Black Ops 3 before and all of the boost jumping and stuff just feels weird in COD games, it doesn't really fit. I'm looking at Titanfall 2 though, if that's good it might be my first multiplayer game in a long while.

    COD4 Remastered looks interesting because I used to play that and MW2 all the time with my ex and a couple of other people, but the fact that you have to buy the special edition of the new game to get it is a total ripoff.
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  7. Yeah this whole franchise sold out its fan base and looks to troll for cash. It is ludicrous. I haven't played and enjoyed a CoD game since Black Ops II. That and all the games before that one, I enjoyed. I got Ghosts and returned it and haven't bought one since. I ended up getting CS:GO, going to try to get into that. And yeah Titanfall 2 > CoD
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  8. I actually really enjoyed Ghosts. The gameplay felt pretty smooth to me. But I didn't play much of it, never owned it. Not a CS:GO fan, was never a fan of those games.
  9. Ghosts was fine but it was clearly rushed in comparison to their other games. It had more and more issues after every update. I went to the midnight release for that game :why:
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  10. I worked the midnight release of Ghosts :urm:
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  11. Must have seen all the try hards like me :haha:


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  12. I worked there during the launch of Black Ops II, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare.

    You see just about everyone there. Casual players, the hardcore gamers who smell like sweat and Doritos, parents who are willing to stand in line at midnight to buy a game for their kid who shouldn't really be playing it.
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  13. I remember a FLOCK of pot heads. I mean they got out their cars and just smoke was everywhere. I was laughing. They smelled like Taco Bell. :haha:
    And yeah I seen some kids with parents... Mostly "cool" moms and dads doing it.
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  14. You're a disappointment... I'm not judging this game until i fucking play it.. Besides, I only play it for the multiplayer anyways.
  15. Call of duty still makes games? I'll give it another 5 years before it burns out like guitar hero. They're going to have to start new wars if they want more content
  16. Anyone played the beta of this? It's honestly quite good. They've slowed the movement down from BO3 and the game feels really smooth.

    Saying that, I'm a bit of a COD fanboy so I enjoy pretty much any COD anyway.
  17. Last CoD game I played was MW3 and that was lowkey garbage. Now that I think about it the Modern Warfare series was the only CoD I ever played, infinity ward is like a lazier Ubisoft and even Ubisoft knew when to put their main franchise on hiatus.
  18. Play Battlefield 1 like a real man.
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