Call Of Duty Prove Once Again They Are Idiots

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Star Lord, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. it's all about battlefield anyway.
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    Anyone who thought Activision were smart, needs to go see a Therapist.
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  3. The fact that I don't play COD is one thing. But when they keep releasing the same game over and over, this is the kind of shit that's gonna happen. I tend to avoid COD and such, which drives my girlfriend nuts
  4. ....... Sledgehammer Games? Am I supposed to know who they are?
  5. I'm pretty sure they helped make MW3.
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  6. The more I find out everyday. I would've never known about them if it wasn't for this article
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  7. and that's the only game they've worked on, according to their own website!
  8. For a minute, I thought it was from the same people who made Bible Adventures :dawg:
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  9. Top bad nobody cares about your shitty opinion Adam.
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  10. > Top bad.

    But yeah, the only people who don't care about his opinion are the people who think that a game which comes out every year, with pretty much the same game engine since COD4 actually makes real improvements to the game. COD is just a cash cow for casual gamers/little kids buy into, it's exactly the same as any of the yearly sports games that come out.
  11. How is a 3 year development cycle bad? It gives devs more time to work on a better game instead of rushing like usual.
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  12. Xanth, you're drunk. Go home.
  13. Means more time waiting for Treyarch to make a game and we get 2 bad cods now. Sledgehammer had a major part in MW3. Let that sink in.
  14. That's your opinion. "Call Of Duty", the franchise unfortunately can not be considered idiots. Besides, this gives IW, Sledgehammer, and Treyarch an extra year to work on a game, thus making a better game. You really didn't think before posting this.
  15. This is also what COD has needed for most for a long time, it's a great decision.
  16. I did think. I thought about how much a travesty MW3 was, one more year may make it better but look at the past.
  17. MW3 was during the IW collapse which left Sledgehammer less than a year to finish it off. You really think 3 years of development is a bad idea? If so, then the idiot is you.
  18. TF2 was 9 years in development. More dev time = Better game
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