Call Otunga.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Is this call Otunga as think up insults for him? LOL
  3. Lmao Otunga rips haters apart. :emoji_hushed:tunga1:
  4. I tweeted him after Raw. He said he was the captain of team Johnny.
    I said: No man John is the leader/captain of the Ace-Team. Remember?
    and posted this with it: [video=youtube][/video]

    He never replied. :sad:
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  5. So much win it's unreal.
  6. That video.
  7. Yeah it's almost too crazy.
    Even showed it at home yesterday.
    Lmao every time.:ace:
  8. lol just saw this video and that is fucking awesome. Wish Otunga was there also showing off his pose.
  9. Just there to make the 1st pic and be in the 2nd one.
    Show Spoiler
  10. That was the best part at EC.
  11. Haha, lol yeah Otunga bragging with the pic's on his Twitter afterwards.. Just lolled..
  12. God i keep hearing about this fag
  13. Umm.. Excuse me? :insertvicki'semotehere:
  14. Otunga will sue you.

  15. I would like to have this one as a smilie:
  16. Lol, you're right. Calling Otunga a fag can get you sued. Don't believe me? Ask him on his twitter. :otunga:
  17. so thinking the wrong thing when I look at this pic hahahaha!
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  18. #She'sAScreamer
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  19. Lol!!! Liked @ YOU BOTH.
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