Calling all Ryback marks / fans / people who like him

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, May 18, 2013.

  1. I'm not here to hate but I'm really curious, what about his current performance draws you into him? I just can't connect to him sadly but some still seem really optimistic about him and I'm wondering why?
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  2. Do I like Ryback? :nope:
  3. Youd like him if he was in PWG or RoH :pity:

    He is a monster, it's the same reason people liked stars like goldberg, Henry, Nash, and so many more. I think making him more into himself is just failing miserably, and they ruined a good thing with him. I LOVED him getting goldberg chants, because it meant he would be built SO well as a heel. Unfortunately, as we all have seen, WWE fucked it.
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  4. I liked babyface Ryback, the monster face character really got over. Fans come for violence and he delivers, plus with the way Vince gave him the rocketship I've seen several smarks say "yeah, I don't like the guy, but he's not Cena so lets get behind a new star".

    As you say his aura completely faded out, he was exposed wrestling 10 minute matches with guys like Cesaro, his mic skills leave a lot to be desired... but we've seen so much worse from this company that him just being salvagable made me overlook a lot of that.

    His heel turn has been nothing short of a catastrophe though.
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  5. I have a huge disdain for the current ROH product outside of Steen, I've been more critical on their product than most also if he was booked by PWG (unlikely as I doubt they'd ever take on such a poor worker) I would crap on him, again see Elgin as an example.

    Anyway onto the point him being a monster is a reason many in the IWC like him even though we apparently prefer the smaller technical workers? The intense monster work was good at times but required more depth to work which he failed to add to be entertaining to me, that's why I'm making this thread to see why people like him. Also how were Goldberg chants showing how well he'd perform as a heel?
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  6. Didn't know he was an IWC darling, thought everyone but Crayo hated his ass with a burning passion (outside of those who saw him as Not Cena)
  7. He isn't he's splitting opinion, that's why I wanted to avoid the typical hate people usually give him and get to what's likable with him. Your post was the kind I was looking for
  8. I've always been off and on with him. As mentioned above, he's a big guy with big impact moves that can be fun to watch. Hard clotheslines, press slams, power slams, tossing people around like rag dolls, grabbing people by the throat while they're on their back and then slamming the back of their head back down to the mat, his cool finisher, etc.

    But at the same time, he just lacks the same aura and "oomph" that other big guys have or had that made them more interesting to watch. Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Mark Henry, Big Show (especially back in his Giant days in WCW), Kane, etc. The fact that WWE has booked him on a losing streak as soon as he moved out of the "squashing jobbers phase" certainly doesn't help him at all.
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  9. You are taking people and changing it to IWC people? not at all what i meant. I mean casuals and fans outside of here are huge fans of guys who are monsters, and we all marked out when he put up two 160lb dudes on his back for his finisher, i think we all can admit that. What i meant (outside of the RoH jokes, i hate how they pushed Ryback too) was that people who watch the product see him and can understand without actually watching weekly why he would be champion. The dude is a beast.

    His mic skills are shit, his in ring is decent at best, and he gets goldberg chants after...what 8 months?....quite a bit of time in the main scene. He is a perfect example of overpushed, and why people need to SHUT THE FUCK UP about how putting Ambrose in the US title scene will hurt him.

    As always, this shit i typed is my opinion. You can tell, because it came up with my username and all my amazing stats to the left of it.
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  11. Ryback marks. So Crayo?
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I enjoy the smaller more technical wrestlers too, but only the die hard smarks want the entire wrestling product to be that and only that (or at least primarily that.) I also enjoy big monster type of gimmicks and also enjoy many a people just because they have interesting characters, even if they don't exactly tear the house down with their work rate.
  14. Saved that gif for later, that is just hilarious/amazing.
  15. He just bores me, makes stupid noises, he's so beefed up he can barely talk...drives me nuts.
  16. A lot of reasons. Firstly, I think he performs the big monster worker well in the ring, despite peoples criticism for his ring work. Admittedly, his cardio is poor and long matches are not suited to his needs, but what big guys really thrive in long long matches? Anyway, I love his intensity as well. That's my favourite part about his character, and how he performs it. The intensity in his promos, matches, and anything else that involves him being on TV draws me in. The guy clearly has passion for the business and with that passion comes a real determination to improve. Each promo he makes is an improvement on the last, and his ring work is seemingly improving as well.

    He has the look, he has the power move set, and his character WAS somewhat different to the other faces. During the period when I marked out for him the most, he was the anti-hero babyface that I am so desperately looking for in WWE. A face that doesn't just smile and be all nice to other faces, and is ridiculously hateful to the heels, but a face that doesn't give a shit about either. He was a powerhouse who "fed" on his pray regardless of who they were. They managed to screw that up when he aligned with Cena, Sheamus, and Orton, but he is winning me back with his current rushed heel turn.

    If the guy is booked how he should be booked, then he is money.
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  17. Also, I have definitely seen more people hate on Ryback than like him. He is definitely still the typical character that the IWC has disdain for, but he definitely has more fans amongst the IWC than the other big babyfaces like Cena, Orton, and Sheamus.
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    Good post man.
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  19. Ryback's performance at Extreme Rules is great proof regarding my post here. That match was easily the best in his career so far, and is potentially the MOTN for the PPV that consisted of pretty good matches on a solid card. Ryback looked like a main eventer tonight, and I doubt many people can deny that.
  20. He didn't sell anything after he got up from the counts. He was attacking like he didn't just get an AA through a table lol
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