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Discussion in 'RAW' started by WarMachine, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. I'm gonna go ahead and predict that on Monday Night Raw, there will be a Pokémon Go related segment. Who do I think will be in it? I don't know, but my money is on either a New Day backstage segment or part of an in ring segment, or leading someone into a match with a monster heel as punishment by a heel authority figure. WWE is known for capitalizing on these mainstream things nowadays. Just look at their Twitter feed. Sasha, Tyler, even Vince himself got on it, so it should be expected that we will see Pokémon Go on WWE television this week.
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  2. The New Day are involved with the Wyatts who REKT'd them at the compound so I don't expect any of their segments/promos to be comedic at all. However this could work anywhere else on the card. Just put two guys or two teams on different Pokemon factions and build a story throughout the night of each trying to take over a gym but they keep taking it from each other and BOOM a Battleground pre-show match.
  3. Breeze and Fandango did a Pokémon Go segment on the Raw Recap on Youtube
  4. Probably. Won't be surprised if Pokemon Go and WWE (app?) collab in some way. Maybe you get more treasures if you have a WWE account or something silly like that.
  5. Yeah, I can totally see that happening.
  6. Well... you almost predicted that perfectly lol. The golden truth did their pokemon go thing last night. Which actually wasn't too lame, and they fucked over the shining stars lol
  7. Golden Truth were hilarious last night.

    R-Truth popping up mid-match while Enzo & Cass were facing The Shining Stars was so hilarious.
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