Calling it right now.....

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Asskicker, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Dean Ambrose to debut THIS MONDAY!!!! :ambrose:
  2. dude, no need to make multiple threads. You already posted this in the live discussion thread.
  3. No one reads those back after RAW. It's probably right to make a thread lol.
  4. Well this time were solely discussing Dean Ambrose, not Raw as a whole.
  5. I hope he does debut :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. I know right! It'll be sick
  7. I hope you're right, it would be interesting, hope it's a big angle too like the nexus "debut"
  8. What would be more sick is if Dean Ambrose debuts and starts a feud with Bryan.
  9. Ambrose to debut and beat Ryback
  10. F** Ryback he should squash ADR.
  11. Ryback's first loss should be in a bigger match than the debut of a new guy most casuals don't know of, imo
  12. Yeah Ryback should lose to the whole roster together instead of just one random dude.
  13. Yeah, Ryback is still being built up himself really, it would be a waste to end it just to push another new guy. They should both be pushed separately for a while.
  14. Yeah but I think Ambrose will be a second big summer angle right now.
  15. Ambrose shouldn't go anywhere near Ryback. I'd love him to have a feud with Rey and put him on the shelf, I think Rey brings the best out of heels personally.
  16. This. Any heel going at the ultimate underdog is bound to get mad heat. Rey's small stature and overall charisma and likability makes him the perfect guy to put in feuds with new heels. Look at what his feud with Cody did for Cody. The heel doesn't even need to go over to come out looking like a credible bad guy against Rey.
  17. Agreed, but I think Ambrose would need to go over with his character. Rey doesn't seem to mind putting people over any more anyway, so that's handy. You could then have Orton who also has put people over go up against Ambrose eventually.
  18. I'd love to see him debut on Monday. It's his hometown, and being Raw 1001, he could say it's the beggining of a new era or something. And if he's not going to debut beating up Foley or Regal or someone like that, I could see him debuting against Rey, great choice.
  19. You might not be far off since Rey and ADR seem to not be feuding any more for some random reason.
  20. What could be used to tie everything in pretty well would be ADR buying Ambrose off to take Rey out, so he can focus on the title match. Rey and Dean feud for three months, Ambrose wins the serious 2 - 1 over the three PPVs, he isn't aligned with ADR per say, they just have a loose arrangement. ADR begins to become more humble as he's struggling to get the title, possibly have him lose his riches as he's invested everything into his chase for the big gold. ADR gets a last chance match on SD, Ambrose hits the ring, looks like he'll help ADR but turns on him, beating him down with a psychotic laugh. The next week you have Ambrose cutting a promo talking about how he manipulated Alberto into losing it all, this leads to Del Rio coming out they brawl. Setting up a few PPV matches between them.

    The basic idea is to establish Dean as a manipulative heel, sets up ADR as the face on a dominant comeback and allows the reset button to be hit on his character.
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