Kayfabe Calling Out The K.O.W

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    *Robert Blake is in the ring looking ready and angry. The fans have a mix reaction to him after Exodus shows a replay of what happened at Summerslam. Robert Blake clearly wants his revenge on K.O.W after that cowardly attack. Robert grabs a mic and drops his two World titles in the ring*

    Robert Blake: The K.O.W did something no man should ever do and that's attack me! The Disappointing H ordered the attack on me because I'm better than him? What has he done this year? He has done nothing noteworthy but now I know he can do something.....Attack a man from behind! Fair play to him for finally getting some respect for himself and trying to take the spotlight! Too motherfucking bad he tried to take my spotlight! I'm sorry guys but I'm the most dangerous jackass in this company and you know that! You attacked me on my night of celebration after doing something you both could never do....I won both World titles in the wrestling world. The Amazing H is just trying to get his final shot at glory before he retires and Lukey is just foolish to follow him. What does Lukey get out of this? We all know The Amazing H wants this title and Lukey is just the help. Good luck kissing his ass Luke! But....Fuck Lukey anyway. I was the one to take this title away from him so he isn't in my league.....And The Amazing H isn't in his league. You see guys? K.O.W is one last chance for The Amazing H to get this title and bro....It isn't going to work. I already beat one of his family members so I don't mind doing it to him!

    *Robert Blake picks up his Exodus World title and begins to taunt The Amazing H*

    Robert Blake
    : I'm not stupid! I know you want this and you just can't get there without Lukey. But I'm waiting here now for any member of K.O.W! Explain yourself here and now and maybe I will wait until I beat Ben this week to break K.O.W in half. Let's see these Kings face the emperor.

    *Robert Blake drops the mic and begins to hold both of his World titles in the air waiting for any K.O.W member*

  2. *Lukey comes out onto the stage with a mic in hand wearing a classic K.O.W shirt. The crowd cheer and chant K.O Dub & Welcome Back. Lukey smiles and looks around the arena before he speaks*

    Lukey : It's good to be back people. You don't know how much I missed this. I've been thinking about this moment day and night since I left! I've been busy doing other things while I was gone which you may or may not know about. But I wanna address something. I wanna address why I came back and it's simple.....Because of you Robbie. I waited to see if anyone could stop this so called "Great" champion. Sadly it never happened but then I realized something......I said to myself that someone needs to stop him......Someone needs to put an end to this "Age of Blake". Then H called. I talked to him about stuff that happened in the past, mainly KOW stuff. I suggested that we should do a lil comeback tour like every great band and team does. Like everyone else, he was sick and tired of seeing your Mascara fingerprints covering a shiny golden beauty of Championship like that. So like I always do....when I say something...I get it done! If it's me, H, Ellis, Alvarado, Chris Young, Ben Song, JJ, Des Pierson, Reese McLeod, hell even If it's a guy who calls himself a Wall. I'm gonna make sure you don't walk away with that title.

    *The crowd cheer*

    Lukey : Now lets talk about me quote on quote "Not being in your league". I'll be the first man to admit it. You kicked my ass. But for you to say something like that after getting one over me is just pathetic and really shows how delusional you are. Since you love History let me bring you to class mate. For three years now, I've been the face that runs the place. In the past three years I've held the World title FOUR TIMES! I've been European Champion! I've been a Tag Team Champion! I know I was just handed that belt with some guy named Harrison and whoever the hell but it's still in record books. I've been part of two of the most iconic Tag Teams and Stables of all time and for you to say I'm not in your league, your absolutely right! Your in a league below me with every other Battle Boy who has stepped into that ring before and after me. And that other half of the Wrestling World...No disrespect to the guys who bust their ass for these people day in and day out but there nothing compared to the people here!

    *The crowd cheer yet again*

    Lukey : You call it ass kissing but I call it friendship, something your disrespectful ass wouldn't understand.
    *The crowd cheer yet again*
    Lukey : I'm a Super-Lad turned Dropkick King turned Super King. You say your the Most Dangerous Jackass but to me your just a Jackass! Now if you wanna change my mind, how about you make me?

    *Lukey waits for Robert to reply*
  3. *Robert Blake begins to laugh after those brave words from Lukey*

    Robert Blake: That's true....You did a lot in this place. But there is one thing to remember here people, he did all of this great stuff before I decided to join this place! I became IC Champion and World champion in my first damn year! I made you look like a chump at Feast And Fired and you left because of it. Your legacy is good though and this makes me wonder why you even think about giving The Amazing H the time of day. We all know that Lukey The Dropkick King is better than Mr. Amazing so why? You call it friendship? I call it being the biggest idiot in this place. I kind of like this mindset of the new Amazing H though.....Use people to get what you really want. Everyone knows at this point that The Amazing H wants this title before he retires but you can't see it.....I'm delusional? I just think you're just stupid. I do believe you want this title back though so maybe it swings both ways! Maybe Lukey needs the help to win this title back since he didn't do too "Great" last time. But attacking me from behind? That's a whole new level of low. I can't stand hypocrites and you are one! You come out and act like you do this for the fans and act like a superhero when you're just a little man who can't even reach my level of skill in this ring. You both were too scared to go one on one with me in this ring so you attack me from behind like cowards? Lukey....You don't deserve my respect you hypocritical bastard.

    *The fans continue to have a mix reaction since they can't figure Lukey out right now*

    Robert Blake: But hey who cares? K.O.W are back boys! The Kings have made their return. Like.....In the biggest impact you could. Attack the unified World champion Robert Blake! I did something massive in the wrestling world and I honestly think you're both jealous at this point. Acting like the other company is complete shit? They gave me a way better challenge than any of you have done in years. I even respect Buster Gates more than you since he's straight up....What you see is what you get. But you guys are underhanded and that just sucks. I admit that I have attacked people from behind before but I don't go around saying I do this for the fans because I don't, I do everything in this ring for myself and only myself. I don't have daddy and mommy waiting at home to watch nor do I need it. I just need my own respect and I sure as hell have it. You both don't deserve anything from this wrestling company anymore and that's why I will put you out again. I know you won't come down since why would you? I would just kick your ass again like I did last time. So I need people to stand by me and I will find them. I know I haven't made too many friends here but there will be people who hate K.O.W just as much as me. You guys have declared a war that you can't win but I don't mind nuking your asses off Exodus for good. But why are you here alone? I never did anything to The Amazing H so let's see why he attacked me. Get out here you painted jackass

    *Robert Blake begins to wait for The Amazing H as Lukey continues to stand on top of the stage*

  4. *The Amazing H comes out onto the stage also wearing a classic K.O.W shirt and a crown. He carries a second crown along with a microphone in his hands. H stands next to Luke and places the crown on his head.*
    The Amazing H: Silly silly! You forgot your crown. Good thing i'm here to have your back. You know what that is, Robert?
    *H takes a deep breath*
    The Amazing H: Frieeeeeeeenddshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip! Because, you know... We're friends... And honestly, as much as you're spouting on about me and Luke and how i'm using him... I mean... Damn dude! You got me! Luke, i'm sorry to break it to you, but i'm just using you.
    *Luke holds his hands up to his mouth in fake shock.*
    The Amazing H: He already knows the situation! He knows I want that gold you hold around your waist, or any gold honestly... This is my retirement tour, I want to go out on top of my game and taking that away from you would be glorious. But do you know what would be just as good? If Luke won the championship again. I'll admit, it would be a personal feel good moment if I won the belt, but Luke is going to be the one who'll still be around after October, not me, so if he was to win then that's... "Great!"
    *The audience cheer.*
    The Amazing H: Also, I didn't attack you... WE attacked you. WE as a unit, as Kings attacked you. And if we haven't already explained why obviously enough already... We are coming for your title. And I don't mean, we'll see you around or whatever, I mean, you will see us. We are targeting you specifically and we will take that title from you.
  5. *Robert Blake begins to smile at The Amazing H as he stands with Lukey on top of the stage*

    Robert Blake: Can't beat me by yourself? The Amazing H is pissing himself to even get in the damn ring with me and go one on one. You need Lukey to do anything here and you know it. I only lost one match this entire year and how many did you lose? Too many to count. You're just not that good and this is just pathetic. I've been offering you matches all week and you both have been ignoring me.....That scared though? It takes a new kind of scum to start a fight and not want to finish it. I don't give a fuck about your past nor should I care. I care about the future and that's what you should care about.

    *Robert Blake points at his world title*

    Robert Blake: Hell In A Cell! I don't care who it is but I want one of you at that PPV with my World title on the line. I need to break your faces off this ring so accept the damn challenge and have your shot at this title. Will it be The Amazing H or Lukey? I don't bloody care! I don't mind beating Lukey again and I don't mind if I break The Amazing H in half. K.O.W is nothing in this new world and you know it. You don't have Jet Starr or TonySoccerBoy to keep you going anymore. The Amazing H will fail and Lukey will fail.....These men always fail. I will walk out of Hell In A Cell still World champion and I will continue to be World champion until the GM takes this title away from me! Don't worry about Ben Song since he's just another one like you both......Nothing to me. But guys we need these Kings to accept my most generous offer. You can even have your friend at ringside since I don't care! I will finish both of you on that night. What will it be?

    *Robert Blake begins to wait as The Amazing H and Lukey think about the offer*
  6. *Robert Blake is still waiting as a ghost*

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