Calling Out Xanth

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Kyle, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. thats it xanth, im tired of ur shit m8.

    1. remember market forums? yeah me too. you still owe me that minecraft account.

    2. remember when i had UID 3? yeah me too. but you deleted my account you lofty ****.

    3. remember when you changed my avatar to a penis? yeah me too. then you changed it to this shit and i havent changed it since.

    crayo can verify my claims. it's time we fight IRL to settle this like men
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  2. Now hold on a minute playa! We gon make dis a tag team match! Crayo and Kyle vs Xanth and Rhodes! Holla!
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  3. I died with this Lmfao
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  4. that little shit thought it was soooo funny in the skype call. he only changed it because crayo made him
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  5. Xanth > Crayo
  6. Crayo has a better chance of getting money from webx
  7. xanth would just shame him, fuck with his user stuff and call it fair.
  8. Xanth's lips turn me on, though.
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  9. The lips on his vagina
  10. Which set of lips?
  11. ninja'd on my vagina joke
  12. Both, really. They're both just really big and pink. Would think he was black.
  13. Gay. Fuck your minecraft account, fuck your user id and fuck you.
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  14. Minecraft
  15. Damn. Thought this thread would be made by Jabri regarding Xanth's lazy ass not doing any group-related tasks. Don't think Xanth has been in ACP for a good two weeks or so now.
  16. I didn't see that penis avatar :((
  17. say it to my face bitch. give me the fckin minecraft account and get me my userID back, then change your avatar to a picture of your limp dick

    and to the person above me, this happened before you joined
  18. This thread is amazing. Cry me a fucking river.
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