Kayfabe Calm before the storm

Discussion in 'Royal Wrestling Kingdom' started by Alex Jones, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. A patient man is a dangerous one, an impatient man is a loose cannon. You don't want to see a man who has made a career by hurting people, start taking things personally. If I told you he was the best I would be a egotist. But if I told you he is the worst then I am nothing but a liar. He doesn't make a lot of sense. He cannot be explained or excused, you have to live with the fact that somewhere out there, in the mass of 8 billion people, lays one entity so ominous and unlike the rest of his people.

    His agenda is different to anyone before him. He won't hurt you. He will destroy you. He is a champion to the people but champion for no company. He fills their barbaric lust for pain and blood. He is a gladiator slaying everything in front of him for his own personal goal. He isn't after your belts, he is after your career. Be better than him or you will fall.

    Trapped under the ash choking on the sacred remains of all your friends, family and peers. His actions are timeless and recorded throughout the ages. The annihilation of Pompeii was no misstep on Gods behalf. God had no control under the situation because not even Jesus Christ himself could put a hand on him without losing his arm. He will end your career or your life the second you stand trapped in the squared ring with him.

    He cannot be stopped. He won't be stopped. He will continue to run rampage until he can look back at the pile of corpses and the blood and fire filling the streets. He is after total anarchy. He is no champion, no hero. He fights for himself and no one else. He will savor every second in the ring because it is his time. He is the reaper. He controls this realm, and the quicker the mortals will come to realize this, the quicker they will fall.

    Genghis Khan. A man revered in history for his gruesome and cruel tactics. A man more easily comparable to him. He won't just be remembered as the greatest wrestler of all time. He will be the last wrestler standing. Pinning a mans shoulders for three seconds just doesn't do it for him. He will rather take your soul and banish you to the depths of Hell.

    Everyone who stands in his way will be swiftly knocked down. He does not accept defeat, there is non as long as he is the only man to leave that ring once the match begins. But for the first time in his career, this all changes.

    Now he fights for a new reason. He fights for a reason much closer to his cracked and evil heart. Now he is not after taking a soul, not if he doesn't need to. He will fight to win back the prize that he slaved away for years to earn. He has given blood, sweat and tears. He will take them in return until he leaves with what he arrived with. After that? God help us all...

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