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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 4, 2016.

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  1. So yeah, let's discuss this here show.

    It's done by Seth Green (Robot Chicken and Buffy). And if he gets a lot of creative pull it will be at least bearable I think.

    Shout out to Ric Flair flashing his dick at a bear tho.
  2. Flair, and Vince saying "A bra?! I can't wear this, probably" had me cracking up. :lol1:
  3. Looking forward to this show a lot actually.
  4. Crazy that they're aiming at the teenage/adult market with an animated show, I like it.
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  5. I'm not even going to lie this looks amazing. It's not Saturday Morning Slam amazing but it'll trump Scooby Doo.
  6. Unless it's an adult cartoon done by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.. Fuck this show.
  7. South Park has been hit and miss over the past few seasons also to be fair.
  8. And I can't say this enough, but Futurama was >>> South Park.
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  9. Meh. I will stick to the cartoonish antics for Raw. :cesaro:
  10. Guess I'm the only one who thinks this looks awful then lol
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  11. oh shit- well this might be funny
  12. Nope.
  13. It looks pretty lame:shovel:
  14. Forget the simulated violence; that's for kids! The cartoons - now that's a mans show.
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  15. Behind the scenes look
  16. I'm so oddly intrigued by this. Flair being bonkers, Vince strutting and Austin's fuck reflex is just wonderful.
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  17. That's actually pretty funny. I'll be watching. But quick question, shouldn't HHH's father be named Double H? As in Hunter Hearst Helmsley II and so on?
  18. Vince is a huge South Park fan init? Maybe that's why he's in for it
  19. Same. I'll definitely be watching this.
  20. Watched the first episode.
    Wasn't that bad. It'll probably need a few episodes to get off the ground tho.

    Vince is obviously the star of the show so far. With the campers being the supporting cast.

    Not sure which was my favorite line of Vince's. Probably the one about hunting Cena down like a dog
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