Can a cat expert fill me in here?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. For the past 5 or so days I'd say, we've had a random cat in our house. At first I was scared of it because it meowed pretty strangely, and both the cats that already live here seemed terrified of it, but I continued to let it live here and take care of it (feed it etc) because it looked starving and homeless. It stayed here every night but disappeared during the day. It always came back around 5ish and just slept and sometimes ate, but when it ate it immediately sicked it up - he/she just couldn't keep it down. As soon as Mum came back and saw the cat, she instantly knew the cat was old and had either kidney failure or cancer (she's pretty good with cats, but I'm guessing any cat lover would know this). She went downstairs this morning (I wasn't here then) and the cat meowed at her like crazy, and Mum went over and stroked it and stuff. She came and picked me up, and when we got home, the cat was dead. Lying in our living room in a sleeping-like position, but definitely dead.

    Now I know cats sometimes disappear before they die; it's like they know it's coming and want to do it alone and in peace, but would this cat have came here because it knew it was dying? The cat had a collar so it must have owned to someone, which is why we're going to put up posters saying the cat is found and stuff and bury it in our garden. But yeah, any cat experts out there, what was the situation here? Would a cat really go into someone else's house to die or was it just a coincidence?
  2. Xanth took all its food when you weren't looking obviously.
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  3. Sounds like how my first cat died. On how it died, not going into a random persons house.
    What if the cat lived there before? Cats are pretty smart and can find there way home or something if I recall.
  4. We've lived here for 7 years and not seen it once. I'd be really surprised if this was his home, lol.
  5. Maybe your house was the most peaceful spot it knew :obama:
  6. It was Donna all along.

    What was the condition of the cat when it found you, as in fur quality? Also, did the collar seem cheap or pretty decent? It's possible the cat may have been suffering for a while but the owners couldn't afford the cost of getting it treated so they just ignored it. Maybe it was an outside cat and knew to go back home at 5 because that's when it's owners would be home from work and let it in, but since they've not been letting it in recently it just came back to yours to try again the next day.

    Can't really say why it chose your house instead of the other 3 in Cornwall though.

    Edit: Also, not sure how you would phrase it as politely as possible, but you should probably hint on the poster that it isn't good news. It'd be pretty bad to have some kid come to your house excited and you having to give it the bad news. Bad day for both of you.
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  7. Damn. Sounds like the owners abandoned them.

    In reality, I don't know.
  8. probably this - cool stuff you put up with it, the other cats probably didnt get down because they realized it was sick/dying.
  9. Your house might have just looked familiar to its home. For example, I never had a cat or dog when I was younger and one day a cat followed my mom into the house and roamed around as if it knew the house and everything lol. I've heard of cats going off to be alone if they're sick and dying, though.
  10. Lol'd at the Donna bit.

    Condition of the cat when we found it was poor. The fur quality made it look homeless. It had a lot of fur so the first night I saw it I didn't realise how skinny it was, but when I stroked it, you could feel its spine. It was very thin. We theorised that it might have been going home the times it wasn't here, but it was literally here all night and most of the day (would come back around 3ish usually and just stay here). Mum has a feeling it was quite old and had kidney failure because when we fed it, it would eat like it hasn't eaten for days but would suddenly stop, walk away, and then we'd find sick somewhere. The collar just looked like a normal collar. And I know this further emphasises your Cornwall joke, but trust me, we know the local cats around here and we've never seen this one before lmao.

    Don't appreciate the Cornish shot.
  11. Cats are amazingly unique animals. If the cat was old, it could have had memory issues and for some reason, your home felt like home. Not all animals run away to die. It is more common in dogs because they don't want to show weakness to their pack but in cats... Usually they will just give up eating and drinking when they know it is time. Based on it eating or at least trying to and then throwing it up, it sounds like she/he has a thyroid issue which is common in older cats. This will cause them to be constantly hungry, lose track of memory, vomit/diarrhea, and have bouts of strange crying. They will almost seem confused.

    I believe it just wanted to feel comfort from someone and couldn't find it's way home but for some reason, your place felt like the best place to die. He/She felt safe with you. Take it has a compliment. :emoji_slight_smile:

  12. So thats why you've always been such a cat person. I get it now. :russo:
  13. :gtfo:
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  14. You would like that, wouldn't you!? :mad2:
  15. R.I.P. Crayo's Adopted Cat
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  16. Aren't you from Cornwall? If so i actually worked there for a week or two, in Redruth, a cat would always jump through the open window of my room when there. Your cats must be extra friendly.

    To answer the question, i do not know for sure, but if it was about to be dead maybe it just gave up at yours? I had wild kittens living by me and they all disapeared, i think they all just picked the first random stranger who showed any kindness and whatever happened happened.
  17. I swear, cats in the UK just insist upon themselves.... :dafuq:


    I would love it there! :yay:
  18. TLDR OP but from the title I assume Crayo wants Brita to "fill" him in? :ksi:
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  19. I think its cute you call it "sick"
  20. :dawg::haha::cole::gtfo:
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