Can AJ be behind the shield?

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  1. Just read this from The Bleacher Report

    MINDFUCKED :sad1:
  2. Can AJ be behind the shield

    No. My answer is no.
  3. Can AJ be behind the shield


    nobody is behind the shield, they´re like the avengers they dont even listen to nick fury

    let them alone pls!
  4. HELL NO..
    If they are ever to reveal a leader , he or she should be a big big shock..

    Either no one's behind them, or HHH or Steph are behind them.
  5. No. Please no. It won't happen.
  6. HHH Turning heel?:pity:
  7. Why not? They'll butcher this in some way anyway so why not throw the flavour of the month in there... Plus it would finally get DZ on his own. That's a more pressing issue than the shield.
  8. :yes:
  9. pleasae let this happen :emoji_slight_smile::yes:
  10. If I would guess someone behind The Shield, it would be The Rock, but I have no motives except that he wants to face CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. That's not enough, so laugh at it, but as I said, if I would guess someone would be behind the attacks, it would be The Rock.

    But I hope that no one is behind The Shield.
  11. Tensai is behind the Shield! Who has had more injustice done to them? NO ONE! :smug:
  12. loled at that

    but honestly, nobody or a very shocky person should be behind the shield, i like the HHH idea
  13. :lol1:
  14. My vote is for Ryder. :smug: :woo:

    Seriously though, it does NOT need to be AJ. I would much prefer for it to turn out that no one is behind The Shield, that they're just doing their own thing. However, if someone is behind the group, then I agree it needs to be a good, shocking swerve. Not some failed swerve attempt that we all see coming, and certainly not AJ.
  15. Did somebody say swerve? :russo:
  16. See what I did there? :vince:
  17. Noooooo, no one is behind The Shield! :bury:
  18. They're a team of three and don't work for anyone or have any due's with anyone, it should remain like that in my opinion.
  19. I'll stop watching WWE forever if she is. Straight up.
  20. I really hope that isn't the case, but the way WWE is going with involving AJ in every possible storyline, it could be very real. If that's the case we can expect another story to get ruined by some love drama.
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    we can also expect the shield to gangbang AJ is that's the case as well :ksi:
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