Can Anyone Answer This Question?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DBasher, May 20, 2012.

  1. So I was watching RAW a couple of weeks ago and they advertised the youtube channel and the new and I asked this to myself, and when I saw the news of RAW becoming three hours permanently I asked myself again...but does anyone know what happened to the whole WWE Network. I mean I know they were worried about it not being profitable and it was like an all or nothing deal since they bought a brand new network instead of buying old and rebranding but it was supposed to be coming in 2012, I think, but now we never see advertisements for it.
  2. They're pushing it back. The idea has not been scrapped, but they're not sure when they're going to air it.
  3. Yeah, I kinda figured that much. I just found it weird that they were trying to sell the hell out of it and then nothing.
  4. I heard it was delayed until later this year.
  5. It was funny to see it completely vanish from programming, that's true.
  6. I think every single IWC member I've seen thinks this is going to fuck the company over. There's been reports that people inside WWE think the network will fail too. I wonder if Vince has completely lost the plot.
  7. Well, it is risky. It's a big investment and it's not certain that it is going to be a profit or anything... I don't know.
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