Can anyone confirm this?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    If true, then :lol1:

  2. I knew the first part, and am horrible amused by the second part.
  3. I confirm this.
  4. Really...
  5. SO getting kicked in the balls IS worse!
  6. Ive read it before yuhpp
  7. h/o let me go give birth and get hit in the balls.. I'll let you know what hurts more
  8. I'm skeptical. I've hit a guy in the nuts before (harder than 'average') and he never screamed like a woman in labor. He never needed an epidural either.
  9. B/c he's a man
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  10. I didn't say he didn't sob like a bitch. :pity:
  11. I wouldn't doubt it.. just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes
  12. Yeah, please try not to ever do that within distance of another guy you might like seeing it. They'll all feel it, trust me.
  13. Huh, how come we don't have that female emoticon on here?
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  14. That pic of the dude getting kicked in the junk.....priceless
  15. Tried to get them to add it back when I first joined... Said no, yet some how... we have this --> :happy:
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  16. I've taken some absolutely brutal nut shots and I find this to be total bullshit.
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  17. Aw lame. She's like a hot librarian or something, lol. La bibliotecha!
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  18. LOL'd
  19. The worst junk shot I took was from a female soccer player......not fun but I didn't feel like 160 babies were ripping out of me
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  20. my worst came from our top male soccer player.. he was punting a soccer ball and I thought it would be funny to run up and block it. I timed it perfectly, ran up and swatted the ball away right as he swung. TOO perfect of timing, because instead of one ball he connected with two and it was a full follow through swing he had in mind. I fell to the ground and puked right away.

    but I would take dozens of those before giving birth. "units of pain" seems like bs anyhow, don't people have different pain thresholds? and generally from my understanding women have higher pain tolerance than men.
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