Can anyone here type on the keyboard without looking at it?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by deathclaw4721, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. I'm just curious now because I just found out that I can do it. :emoji_slight_smile:

    The three things that must apply for you to say "yes" honestly are:

    1. You can type on the keyboard without looking at it.
    2. You can do this at the same pace as if you were looking at the keyboard.
    3. You can do this with minimal errors, like typing the wrong key.

    So just wondering about this. Thanks, have a great day. ^_^
  2. I can
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  3. Yes? Id assume at this point anyone with access to computers from an early age should be able to type just as fast without looking at the keyboard as they do when looking at it.
  4. Or typewriters, gotta rep the OGs
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  5. Senhor Perfect knows all about that.
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  6. I can do it when I type on my laptop, but I can't while using my phone or a different keyboard
  7. When I was in junior high they put keyboard covers, so I had no other choice but to learn how. I can put down on a piece of paper where every key is on the entire board.

    1. Yes
    2. I can do it faster when I'm not looking at it.
    3. I never make errors. Stupid question.
  8. I think we were thought that in Grade 2, lol.

    Yes, I can.
  9. Well sorry everyone, I didn't know it was a universal thing and mandatory to type without looking...

    And you don't count Crayo because you can do everything perfectly... ^,_^
  10. LOL YOU THOUGHT IT WAS CRAYO! Nice work CRAY0 Johnson
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Wow......................that's just............................embarrassing...............
  13. I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at this chick thinking aids is crayo lmfao.
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  14. Leave me alone......
  15. Damn straight! Had one right before I got my first desktop with a whopping 10MB hard drive :boss:
  16. Ah, remember those days??? When an 8 MB memory card for PS2 was enough to save enough game data for hundreds of games? Lol.

    MB don't get you S**T anymore. ^_^

  17. I bet you have fond memories of being a 4 year old gamer.
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  18. Lol.

    My first game was actually on the Sega Genesis. It was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and I was two years old. This was back in '98. ^_^
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