Can anyone tell me what this chant is?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Mar 5, 2013.


    The chant starts around 9:20. It sounds like 'Miz is incest' but that's probably not it. Also, this crowd was pretty shit all RAW.
  2. Sounds like what you think it is.
  3. Yeah, but a crowd wouldn't chant that, would they? Haha
  4. I've heard worse. Seems like something a group of males would chant and that's exactly who chanted it from the sound of it.
  5. Yeah, it was a pretty horrible crowd. Especially since they were sold out with 16,597 people. It was a pretty good RAW but the crowd brought it down quite a bit.
  6. That crowd sucked for the whole of Raw
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