Can Daniels ever dust off the Fallen Angel gimmick?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Daniels has had a couple of gimmicks in his career. His current Ring General one, Curry Man and maybe his most loved one, the Fallen Angel. Also apparently one that people think TNA dropped the ball on in the past (at least compared to how it was used in ROH according to the internet). The Angel is Daniels arguably most serious and devious gimmick. Could you see TNA be willing to give it another shot with the angel if Daniels would be down for it? I'd like to see him become the angel when he gets his thank you WHC run (he has to get at least one). Daniels can become obsessed with retaining the belt which has finally become his and he drops the antics of his ring general persona in favor of the more serious and devious angel persona.

    Do you think Daniels will dust off the angel gimmick before he retires?

    Would it be a success?

    How would you book it?
  2. Sadly I think his time has passed, he won't be the main event. I'd be down for him to hold the X division strap one more time as TFA though.
  3. I think he'll run with BI for a while until they break up, and he'll have a loser leaves town match against Kaz.
  4. This, unfortunately. When he didn't beat Hardy this past January and Hardy had all the problems with UK tour, then you have to know he will never win it.

    I think he should ocassionally main event IMPACT, but stay in the tag team scene for a long time to come, to earn for thr future and a have a good retirement.
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