Can Dolph Be The Next HBK?

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  1. HBK is well known and well loved. He was a show off of a wrestler, he strutted his stuff and was the '"Sexy Boy" of the WWF/E. Do you think Dolph Ziggler can be the next Shawn Micheals? He started using HBK's super kick and seems to be dealing a whole lot of similar
    characteristics HBK had. HBK was the Show Stopper - DZ is the Show Off. They both ride on sex appeal and being the center of attention. What do you guys think?
  2. Oh man. DZ is going to be big, but HBK is one of the best, ever. Id like to say yes, but ill just say "i hope so"
  3. In ring, yes. On the mic probably not.
  4. No, he's great but not that good/
  5. That's a big compliment for DZ
  6. I'd rather have Dolph be the next Dolph. :tough:

    He is everything we wish we were. :sad1:
  7. :vince: always one ups the competition.
  8. HBK was amazing on the mic, thats for sure. He def. can wrestle like HBK, even better in some aspects, but he needs to build his charisma up more.
    I loved HBK growing up. It was always him and Bret Hart for me. BH is one of my all time favs though. I think he can get to their level, but thats so long
    as the writers and WWE suits don't mess it up.
  9. Ziggler will probably never shine on the mic like HBK because HBK was actually given some creative freedom on the stick whereas in 2012-13 WWE everything is overly scripted and nothing comes off as authentic.
  10. I could say he's like Bret was in the Hart Foundation version 1. Great in the ring but not too polished on the mic. Give him a year or two and he'll be up here with the best.
  11. :downer:

    True. There goes most of my hope. :sad1:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Yeah, in the ring he can be as good as he was but on the mic we'll see. As D'Z said, it was easier to entertain on the stick back in the day due to the creative freedom unlike nowadays, so let's see. I think he has the potential.
  14. I wish they would give them more leeway. I miss that. It felt more real.
  15. No Ziggler marks no. HBKs career was like a snowball running down a mountain- it kept gaining momentum and getting bigger and bigger. Ziggler isnt even the top guy in WWE at a time when the ratings are very low and the there is no great competition. If he was truly the next HBK he would shine amongst all the mid-card type talent at the top of the card- like Shemus, CM Punk, and Big Show. HBK was innovative and helped put wrestling on a course to its most profitable days. Is Ziggler doing anything like that? I don't know cause I can barely watch 10 mins of the current product without pulling out my hair if DB isn't involved. BUT I WILL SAY Dolph Ziggler is a phenomenal athlete, and he's getting better every day, but he's a long way from Shawn Michaels' level, Shawn Michaels was a guy who was allways innovating himself, he was a first ever in a lot of things, he's the reason why DX was succesfull, he put Diesel on the map, he basicly made Triple H and Chyna, he helped Ahmed Johnson get noticed, he was part of many historic moments in wrestling history, and he did a lot of those things in the same amount of time that Ziggler has been in the WWE, and Zigglers greatest acomplisments so far: WHC for a few minutes, and winning a money in the bank ladder match, don't get me wrong, i like Dolph Ziggler as much as the next guy, and he can be a big time player some day, but he will never be a Shawn Michaels, he may become something different, but not like Shawn......
  16. Well said. :obama:
  17. Yeah how's that for the infamous late night "LQ" we get lol
  18. You are so LQ you are NQ (NO QUALITY) :gtfo:

    :dawg: :lol1:

    Haters gon' hate.

    You hardly ever post LQ which is why you are very well liked on this forum. Most of my stuff is LQ from when I first joined. I am improving that though.

    And I agree with you on DZ. I think they want him to follow in HBK's footsteps but he will never reach his height. I mean HBK was truly a show stopper.
  19. No i wasn't insulting you in any way. I just wanted to indicate that we are not LQ.... All the time lol
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