Can Dolph Ziggler Beat the Brogue Kick?

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Bot, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Can Dolph Ziggler Beat the Brogue Kick?


    Constantly falling prey to the Brogue Kick of World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus must be painful for Dolph Ziggler.

    And why not? Is there a more dangerous weapon in the ring today than The Great White’s explosive finisher? With all of the sheer power and intensity that Sheamus puts behind the maneuver, it is capable of destroying a challenger in less than a second. Just blink and The Great White will plant his right foot into the ring apron and propel his left foot forward before his opponent even knows what hit him.

    Ziggler understands that chain of events all too well. Despite his incredible efforts as of late, he has failed to overcome his own personal Irish curse in more than half a dozen encounters with Sheamus since last December. The bearer of the Money in the Bank contract — guaranteeing him a World Heavyweight Championship Match whenever he chooses to cash it in over the next year — has repeatedly and unwillingly kissed the sole of Sheamus’ size 13 boot. He has felt the ring apron reverberate from the referee counting the pinfall, with only the first notes of the Irish Superstar’s theme song to taunt him back to his senses.

    The rapid sequence of Brogue Kick, pinfall and “Written in My Face” will keep occurring unless Ziggler can learn to somehow counter that which seemingly has no counter - the fierce champion's seemingly perfect weapon. If he can't, the cocky competitor’s advantage of being able to cash in his prized contract at any time can and will continue to be undone with one knockout kick after another. 

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