Can el generico make it?

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    Am I the only one who can see Generico as the next big underdog babyface for WWE? I can see him taking over from Rey Mysterio as the big luchadore superstar. He is just that good in my opinion. I'm not sure words can really do him justice as a performer. He's not as crisp as Bryan Danielson or as psychological as CM Punk but he just makes you want him to succeed. He could win over the audience with his ability to basically perform the impossible.

    Here are a few examples of his wrestling :




    If you leave this thread make sure you watch this match it's one of the best of the year 2010 from any promotion world wide.

    The mic skills aren't really great but I believe he could be like a Jeff Hardy or a Rey Mysterio and not really require much to get over. He can still perform decently in comedy segments though with the correct partner.

    He can convey anger well also which I feel is lacking from the typical WWE babyface. His mannerisms tell a story greatly.

    Compare these to the comedy videos above. He sells the confusion of whether to attack his friend or not really well.

    That's all I have so what do people think of El Generico as a whole and could he make it in the WWE?
  2. Nah, he's ginger.
  3. Definitely agree (With him being the next big star, if WWE get him). Seen this guy before, he's insane. Good thing is he can use most of the moves in WWE aswell, we've seen Sin Cara sort of do that. He looks a lot more steady as a wrestler, I don't think he's going to botch much. He can definitely be the new Mysterio, but they'd et much more out of him if they first had a cruiser weight division he could dominate before stepping up to the big leagues, where as you say he can be the next big underdog. He could be a big draw too if used right.
  4. [​IMG]

    Yeah about that ..... :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    They definably need a cruiser weight division but it could create a glass ceiling like in WCW so would be required to be handled very delicately. Generico is more used to the American style as he's been working it for 10 years already. The only issue with him replacing Mysterio is I'm not sure if he'd draw in the Mexican crowd as well as Rey does with him being Canadian. Then again Sin Cara is there for that. I can see him selling those masks by the bucket load they sell a good amount at little shows at PWG so the WWE marketing machine could create millions in revenue.
  5. What do you mean create a glass ceiling? Sorry, only just seen this post after watching all the videos again :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. I mean as in the smaller guys could not move up to world title contention. For example the only people who held the cruiserweight title in the WWE or WCW and won a WWE/WHC or WCW world title were Jericho ( who had to move company to do so and I don't think ever went to the cruiserweight division in WWE ) and Rey Mysterio who only got were he was for selling loads of merch and Eddies death imo. This is out of 79 reigns from WWE and WCW.
  7. Ah okay, definitely see your point. Fact is it doesn't HAVE to be that way, and let's be honest, who actually thinks Tyson Kid, Evan Bourne etc are going to get WWE Title shots? Kayfabe wise the championship wouldn't be seen as less of a title, it's like boxing really isn't it. Just means we get awesome spot matches, and much more interesting story-lines from WWE's awesome but going-no-where spot monkeys. I'd definitely say the benefits outweigh the flaws.
  8. I kinda agree with you and disagree if that makes sense lol. I mean there are some smaller guys such as Christian / Jeff Hardy who came up the LHW banner in the WWF but still should have main evented for differing reasons. I'd prefer they just make the US / IC titles relevant rather then pair someone with the stigma of being a cruiserweight which is very difficult to shake off imo. Even book one title similar to the way TNA used to treat the X division title were it's the smaller guys with a peppering of larger guys.
  9. The only way US and IC title become relevant though is main eventers dropping down into it, or guys who are just really over. Miz made it relevant but he's a one-off talent. You can argue booking makes it relevant, but meh. I understand your point about having that tag on you for your career but they've proven with Rey that it's possible to push on further. I don't look at Rey as a cruiser-weight now, I see him as a 100% main eventer.

    I think if we saw another Jeff Hardy for example go to cruiserweight, they could easily just use good booking to take him out of it. I still would love to see it again, even with these flaws the pro's are just as powerful. Absolutely great matches, more segment time for these one-off superstars, less squash matches and a more established mid-card. With this championship I'd unify the US+IC championship, which gives the holder even more prestige having it and will give it more relevance.
  10. Damn, El Generico is beast! He reminds me of Mysterio about 6 years ago, mixed with Chris Jericho. He's better than a lot of people in the WWE right now. Is he gonna be going into the WWE @[seabs]?
  11. I've not heard so but he's good friends with Punk and Daniel Bryan so I suppose it's a possibility. Plus he's one of the best wrestlers on the indie scene at the moment.
  12. One of? Name someone who is better :S
  13. Kevin Steen, Davie Richards,Prince Devitt and The Young Bucks imo. If we're including Japan then Kenta and Tanahashi also. These are wrestlers who I'd put above Generico currently.
  14. Young Bucks suck imo. I forgot about steen. He is epic. Kenta is also epic. I'd like to see Kenta vs Styles.
  15. Not Bryan? I'm shocked :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. We're talking indies only silly.
  17. :redface::redface:
  18. I think it would a good idea to replace Mysterio when he retires.
  19. WWE doesn't have the talent to support him nor the division. I can see TNA, yeah. He actually had some dark matches with TNA earlier in 2010/2011 I think but he didn't sign.
  20. Did he not want to, or did they not want him?

    I think he could make it in WWE to be honest. It's so easy to get over when you have that style that he has. The mask also. Sin Cara was in the top 3 superstars for loudest pops whilst not being in any good feud and not spoken once. For some reason the WWE crowd really warm to "Rey Mysterio" like superstars.