Can Gail Kim Stop HAVOK?

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    Wednesday night on SPIKE TV, we will see a highly anticipated matchup in the Knockouts Division - and it's for all the gold! After weeks of torment and sheer devastation, HAVOK now gets in the ring with Gail Kim for the first time!

    The saga began over a month ago, when IMPACT viewers began to see videos teasing something coming. The warnings reverberated throughout the wrestling world and speculation ran rampant as to who -- or what -- this could be. Each week, another letter in the name was revealed next to the terrifying, spiked gas which covered HAVOK's face.

    Finally, on September 9th, after an incredible championship bout between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, HAVOK appeared. A pulsing song filled the Manhattan Center, a fitting soundtrack to the destruction that occurred moments later. HAVOK absolutely destroyed two of the top Knockouts and fans knew instantly that HAVOK was not here for fun, she had come to conquer.

    The following week, the entire Knockouts roster gathered in the ring to here who would grace the cover of the 2015 Knockouts Calendar. After Velvet Sky was announced as the winner, HAVOK appeared once again, leveling Gail Kim and leaving with her Knockouts Championship!

    Finally, it was time for HAVOK to make her in-ring debut. On September 17, HAVOK ran through top Knockouts on her way to winning a #1 Contender's Battle Royal. This made it official, we would finally get to see Gail Kim and HAVOK go one-on-one in a match, and it would be for Knockouts Gold!

    Now, it's all set! Wednesday night on IMPACT, it will be Gail Kim facing her toughest challenge yet: HAVOK. IMPACT cameras caught up with Gail to get her thoughts on what is set to be a monstrous collision of two incredible Knockouts!


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