Can I kiss my $100 good bye already?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zamorakian, May 30, 2012.

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  1. I have put $100 on the line and my pick to win Euro 2012 is Germany.

    Good bet or way too risky? I've already done it and there's no turning back, if I win I get about $2500.

    Thing is, this was done in a small venue and the owner of this venue is holding this betting competition, everyone puts $100 and the winner gets it all, so right now there's like $2500 in the pot, and the funny thing is that I am like the only one that has chosen Germany so far.

    THERE IS HOPE :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. If Spain don't win it will probably be the Germans imo.
  3. Germany is No. 1 favorite, IMO. Holland is #2 and Croatia #3. The age of Spain is gone for now, IMO...
  4. Not sure if you watched Germany's match the other day. If so - how are people so sure this team is winning? Spain look untouchable at the moment, their team is stupidly good. After Spain you have Holland with the most in form striker in the world, an awesome (one of the best) right winger in Robben, Huntelaar who has scored more than Gomez this year I think, and Sneijder and Elia etc. Stupidly good team in its prime. The only on form player as such in Germany is Ozil and perhaps schweinsteiger. They had a horrible game the other day. Germany are so overrated imo.

    Spain just aren't losing though.
  5. There is just something about the Germans they always rise up in these tournaments, the Dutch will probably implode again but Spain do have this to lose.
  6. Elia isn't in the squad..

    But yeah, you could've flush that money down the toilet..

    Holland will win.
  7. Dreams are nice buddy. I'd rather put it on Germany than Holland. Germany and Portugal will proceed to the finals (from the group stage) and out goes Holland.
  8. Rofl no football knowledge at all.
  9. As Crayo stated, no Football knowledge.

    Holland has players who play in the top leagues at the top clubs.
    Portugal ain't shit compared to Holland. Plus, Holland and Portugal have got some shit to settle, see the vid for it.

    Portugal are a bunch of pussies.. :haha:
  10. With an awesome kit.
  11. Portugal have one major problem up front is shit compared to Germany and Hollands forwards.

    BTW Ronaldo is a winger, but if needed he can be a fw although they have players that play in top teams as well,just the strikers let's them down
  12. I have no football knowledge? Have you ever heard of the sentence "Anything's possible" because you should really do some research regarding that.

    Your knowledge is sh*t, you're saying Portugal has no chance in hell because Holland has top players in top leagues, what about Portugal? They have top players in top leagues, hell, they even have the second best player in the world; Cristiano Ronaldo.

    You cannot say Portugal "ain't" sh*t compared to Holland, because it is wrong, they're definitely compareable to Holland and people with "football knowledge" should know that. Portugal haven't had their best years, yet they strive for perfection.

    Every team has a chance of winning, there's no "impossible" when it comes to soccer, anything could happen so stop making it look like a joke.

    Plus as you said; Holland and Portugal have got some sh*t to settle between them.
  13. My knowledge is shit? Please gtfo bro.
    Besides that, bla bla bout Ronaldo all you want. He may be the second best in the world, but It's more important to look who is on the pitch with him. Ronaldo was shit in that friendly game one or two weeks ago, he's going to fail so bad..

    So please dude, don't try to teach me football, my knowledge seems a bit more accurate than yours..
  14. Yet you fail to answer the few other points I made about Portugal; Nothing's impossible, whoever's on the pitch there's still a chance for Portugal and you cannot deny that if you now do have any knowledge at all which doesn't seem like it.

    There's Pepe (Spanish League Winner), Raul Meireles (CL Winner), Ronaldo (Spanish League Winner), Fabio Coentrao (Spanish League Winner), Bruno Alves, Joao Moutinho, Hugo Almeida, Nani, Helder Postiga, Quaresma and the list goes on..

    They have top players and looking at their recent matches, they really can play together. I know it was a friendly but seriously 4-0 against Spain isn't bad, plus Spain had all the top players in the starting eleven (almost).

    Moral of this post: You cannot say it's impossible for Portugal, because as I said before, there's no impossible in soccer.
  15. Portugal's biggest flaw is the lack of strikers. Good strikers. Like Pauleta used to be.
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  16. Lmao, you've got to be joking..

    Stekelenburg, van der Wiel, Heitinga, van Bommel, de Jong, van Persie, Robben, Huntelaar, van der Vaart, Sneijder, Kuyt, etc...

    Do I have to say more?
    Why on earth are you so jelly for Portugal?
  17. Lol @ Bryan Danielson thinking Portugal have a hope in hell...

    This list: "There's Pepe (Spanish League Winner), Raul Meireles (CL Winner), Ronaldo (Spanish League Winner), Fabio Coentrao (Spanish League Winner), Bruno Alves, Joao Moutinho, Hugo Almeida, Nani, Helder Postiga, Quaresma"

    Was valid until you mentioned: " Bruno Alves, Joao Moutinho, Hugo Almeida, Helder Postiga, Quaresma"

  18. Everyone on Ziggles list from Alves on wards are irrelevant for Portugal's international team since a year or two back.

    The title fight will be between Germany, Holland and Spain. They are the top three European team at the moment.
  19. Disagreed. Anything's possible, especially in a game of football. For example, QPR vs Manchester City when everyone thought QPR had won it, what happened? Almost anything's possible just because his opinion differ's from yours doesn't mean he has no knowledge (about football), it just shows that he's got a different way of thinking and isn't following everyone by supporting glory teams. He has hopes of different teams winning, nothing wrong with that.
  20. Thank you, I see knowledge from your side.

    I do not have hope for Portugal nor do I want them to win but what I'm trying to say is that they do have a chance and even Denmark has a chance, this is soccer, not WWE you stupid prick, you're trying to confront me that matches are scripted therefore it is impossible for Portugal to overcome Holland, is that what you're trying to say? Am I the one with no knowledge when I tell you that Portugal has a chance on winning? Please explain.

    There's no point in discussing soccer with you. What you're doing right now is basically telling me that I have no knowledge about soccer because I say Portugal has a chance, seriously just stop that nonsense.
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