Can it be saved?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Some users have been praising SmackDown recently but I say it's consistently bad and every now and again we have a decent show. But seriously, SmackDown is incredibly bad at the moment. It has been for a while actually and the fact it's still going baffles me. Relevant SmackDown stars are now on RAW every week which has made SmackDown REALLY look like the B show, if it didn't already.

    Where do you go with it? What will they do to it? Is it a coincidence since Sheamus has been champion that SD has consistently been diabolical, or is that one of the factors?
  2. Smackdown has been awful for a while now, the only way I can see it getting better is reintroducing the brand split but WWE won't do that.
  3. Even then, a separate SmackDown would still be poor. I think it needs a completely new direction. It's always going to be the top drawing show on its network, which probably explains why WWE doesn't care enough to improve it, but use that freedom to rebuild it like they have done with NXT.
  4. I don't really think they need to revamp it that much... they just have to get a better World champ, stop replaying Raw on it, getting it separate from Raw... that'd help a lot.
  5. They need to stop editing the fuck out of it too
  6. Ziggler winning the WHC at HIAC and Main Event Smackdown every week, him looking strong and defeating others. Winning clean most of the time..
  7. Why not try something totally radical? Like, for example, divide the roster into two halves to have their own two-hour shows? Maybe one can be more of a live, sports-entertainment type show, while the other displays great wrestling and is a place where talent who need the protection of canned heat and retapes until they reach the point where they don't?

    Right now, with Raw being 3 hours, what's the point of Smackdown even existing? On the spoilers this week there are numerous cases of either rematches, or basically the same exact thing we just saw on Raw.

    You need 8 faces and 8 heels (with tag teams counting as one, not two) at least for each show, since WWE doesn't have the balls to do heel vs heel. That should be enough.

    Lets see here... 16 faces... Raw can have Cena, Ryback, Kofi, Brodus, Santino, Ryder, Team Hell No, Primo and Epico, where Smackdown has Sheamful. Orton, Christian, Kidd (or R-Truth), Dibiase, Gabriel, Rey and Sin Cara and the Uso's. Repeat for heels, they have enough people on the roster to do it, so why not?

  8. Heel Henry needs to return and dominate SmackDown again. Ascention, Rollins and Bray Wyatt need to be called up. Redesign SmackDown, give it a more badass intro, more of an edge to it, and completely separate it. Oh and fire Sheamus ofc.
  9. How could you forget Riley and Bateman.. :sad:
  10. Forgot Riley even existed sadly.
  12. Smackdown was a decent show back in early 2000's. Once some of the major stars began leaving both brands, WWE Swapped over stars from Smackdown to RAW leaving it with barely any main event stars. If I recall a most recent feud they had, Jericho vs Edge, picked up some great ratings, so they transferred both Edge and Jericho to RAW, this was before the brand split died out. The WWE Roster now is nothing compared to what it was back in the day, instead of pushing new talent they keep old talent in the lime light.

    To answer the question can it be saved? I believe it could be saved, if the following happend:

    #1 Bring back the Cruiserweight division and invest in stories in it. The division was exclusive to Smackdown and was also a factor which defeated WWE in the Monday Night Wars. Chavo Guerrero & Rey Mysterio often stole the show with the storylines they had for the title. Spike Dudley was also another star who pulled off a great storyline

    Exclusive stars - People would pay to watch live or sit down at home and watch some exclusive stars to the brand, if promoted right, the whole roster spread out on however many shows they have now is nothing special. People used to tune in to watch Eddie, Undertaker, Lesnar, Benoit, Mysterio, Angle because they were all exclusive to the brand.

    No More Tag Team Mainevents - They are so predictable and happen far too often.

    Smackdown I will always see it as the Thunder rival that was once great but died because of poor creativity of WWE
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  13. SmackDown would be BETTER then if Raw if WWE care like use to! When the video game was called "SmackDown" and the WWE Title was on SmackDown and was the BETTER SHOW! That why it not good anymore b/c WWE does not try b/c that only care Raw NOW!
  14. I know SmackDown used to be good, not what the thread is about. It was a better show definitely for a while, especially during the RAE.
  15. SD WAS ALWAY BETTER THEN RAW! That why the video game that is WWE 13 now was 1st called SMACKDOWN! B/c it was the better show! the reason why it now good anymore is b/c all care about is getting everyone on RAW b/c that don't want SD to be the best so that did everything to keep SSD down and make Raw better! SD from 1999-2009 was WAY FUCKIN BETTER THEN RAW!
  16. Not sure about always but it definitely had long periods of being the better show yes. No need to shout at me.
  17. Smackdown has been a shell of itself ever since 2004 and we only have two people to blame....Crayo & Xanth because they are both illuminati who fuck up everything! :jeritroll:

    no but seriously it's WWE's fault for drafting John Cena to Raw when he was big on smackdown. I feel that Smackdown was on an equal playing field with Raw at this point, but it shifted when Smackdown's top talent got drafted. Cena was actually a good wrestler at this point in his career so all that hype behind him was blown over to another show and no one was really there to replace him.

    Then eddie died, jbl left, and mysterio had injuries. It was just bad luck. Taker could only do so much to hold up the brand especially since the only other one there was Batista, which isnt saying much.
  18. They called the video games Smackdown on the Playstation b/c the Raw video games were exclusive to Xbox.
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  19. It's not that hard at all to save it, they just need to stop the Raw rebounds for one, that to me, is one of the things that hurt it the most, it makes it look like Raw 2.0. They also need to bring in storylines exclusively that happen only on Smackdown, or at least make something from a Raw storyline big happen on Smackdown that changes the rivalry. Also having it's own division that shows up on the show, like cruiserweight, tag team, etc, would catch people's interest, especially if the divisions only wrestled and took place on Smackdown. They need better main events and hype them up better as well. They need BETTER BOOKING if anything. Being live would help, but I think they should do everything else I stated before doing that. I also think bigger talent should show up on Smackdown and stay there for a while, it isn't impossible to save at all, especially with the way Raw is right now, it can be easy to save Smackdown since I'm sure people would rather watch two hours of good wrestling anyways then 3 hours of decent wrestling since it's less overwhelming, and it's on a free, good night like Friday.
  20. UH dude the video game was called SmackDown since 1999! When the year SmackDown WAY befoe Xbiox was even invide! DO U FACT NEXT TIME BEFORE U COMMENT DUMB CRAP!
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