Football Can Leicester REALLY win the League?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by King B, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Being a Leicester native, and supporting City for the past 14 years, i'm absolutely amazed by what we're achieving this season, but i'm having my doubts, can we REALLY win the League?

    Probably not.
    We probably have the hardest run in from any of the title contenders, going to teams like Man United and Chelsea and also having teams like Everton and Souhampton still left to play, we probably won't.

    We don't have the legs to win it or the experience, Ranieri has never won the Premiership but I don't think that will change this season.
  2. I say this as a Spurs fan. This is your season to lose. One loss you can probably handle, two and you're in trouble (and I hope you lose at least two out of my own sense of greed).
  3. I can feel a loss to United and Chelsea are inevitable.
  4. Can you really? Neither of those teams have had stellar seasons this year. Granted United has had an upswing since Rashford sprung onto the scene. But one 18 year old can only take them so far. Both games will come down to who can score the most goals, so Vardy having dried up seemingly is an issue. But you have Okasaki who has stepped up.

    It will be an interesting title race to say the least. You guys have Southampton next which is not a guaranteed win either. And my spurs have Liverpool
  5. Chelsea have been a revelation since Hiddink was put in charge, but I feel like we really aren't scoring enough, we're barely conceding, but not scoring enough.
  6. Your mob would have to fuck up big time style to not win this, Spurs are justifying their treatment of the Europa league and putting pressure on. Still everything is being thrown at Leicester and they are still on top despite pundits and fans alike question them. Even if Vardy or mahrez fail to score there or others chipping in.
  7. Of course you can, the only reason anyone has really given why Leicester can't win the league is because it's Leicester.
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  8. I'm rooting for Man U. But I'm 90% certain that Lickchest-er will be the ones on top.
  9. It's going to be tough since Tottenham is right behind 'em, but yes, they can.
  10. Got one hand on the title now i think only need 4 more wins
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