Can Orton really carry the company?

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  1. He currently holds the two biggest titles, but how long do you think he will? IIRC he was never really the biggest of draws (he had a good drawing spell once though as a heel I think), so can he carry the company on his back like Cena has done? Or is he simply holding these titles for a month or so until Cena wins them both? I understand that the company draws and not one guy, but if that guy is holding the two biggest titles then it has some impact.

    What do you think will happen?
  2. With the right push he can be a believable top guy, it'll only be temporary though since I am pretty sure he'll drop it at mania.
  3. No way can he carry it like Cena, not a chance. He never has, even during his heel reign in 09 I believe it was when he feuded with, you guessed it... Cena, where they had that epic iron man match at Bragging Rights.
  4. I think he could for a small while..

    Also getting the feeling like this is Orton's last great moment in WWE. I think he'll retire in about 2 years..

    So for now it could be good, if booked right untill Cena will take the titles from him.
  5. Is he believable as the top guy in the company? Yes. Does that translate into PPV buys and ratings? Not necessarily.

    Orton is more than capable of being the top guy in the business. Fortunately for Orton (and the WWE), he doesn't have to carry the company on his own. Cena's still there, as are Punk, Bryan, and HHH, all of whom will play a role in drawing in viewers and money. The only thing WWE can do (and what has stood them good in the past when they've done it) is to write good television and tell interesting stories. If they do that, then (and I know this is heresy to say, but I don't care) it doesn't actually matter who's the WWE Champion.

  6. I fell asleep during his entrance and missed the ME. Snapped into consciousness right as he was winning the belts and I just slammed my laptop shut in frustration.

    fuck the guy man. who wants to see him be the top guy? Anyone? anyone? anyone?

    didn't think so
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  7. He can carry me to bed and tuck me in, but anything else and I'm calling the rape hotline.
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  8. I still can't believe the whole handcuffs thing. As soon as I saw them my heart sank.

    Also, I thought it would be just one belt now? Are they going to have a ceremony for THAT too?
  9. No, hes got everything but promoting skills, WWE promotes him he can't really promote himself, his promo's are boring his mic skills suck, he has the authority behind him and The Shield so he should be fine since he has them by his side to help him carry the company.

    said JBL on commentary lol. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. soooooooooooooooooooooooooo creative.
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  11. Cena duc-taping Batista a few year ago, that was creative... handcuffs to the ring rope? We sure didn't see that at Mania 22 Vince vs HBK when Shawn cuffed Shane, and just last year I believe it was we saw it also, can't remember the match though.
  12. Miz and ADR tried cuffing Punk to the ropes at TLC 2011. But he got out of it.
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  13. :adr: beast
  14. Kind of laughed at the fact they were long cuffs too. Why not short cuffs to restrict his movement even more? I was prepared to mark out if Cena broke them though.
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  15. Also Ricardo taped Big Show to the ropes sometime late 2012-early 2013 to help ADR retain the WHC as well.
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  16. That was it, I thought it was TLC also, how ironic.
  17. Hell I remember that. I think this whole thing speaks volumes about Orton's ability. He KNEW he couldn't beat Cena so he put the cuffs in place beforehand.

    I know I know, its all planned out/fake, whatever. Still........
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  18. No need to apologize, let your inner mark out. I do it all the time.
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  19. It works for now with him against the corp? Vince most likely being on Raw tonight is the only real positive, and it's better than cenawinslol.....until it happens @ the rr
  20. I would've rather seen "cenawins" last night
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