Can QPR survive?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. With Man U essentially sowing up the title today my interest has dipped to the bottom of the table, QPR sit on 17 points with 11 games to go. The average for security is 40 points, which needs them to average a shade over 2 points a game to survive.


    These are their remaining fixtures, I can see them picking up points against Southampton, Villa, Reading and Newcastle but aside from that it's looking pretty bleak IMO.

    Another question is why are they even in this position, they've had two reputable managers in Hughes and now Redknapp (who even though I've shown my lack of personal support for him is still a very well experienced Premier League manager) and a wealth of talent ranging from 62 Brazilian capped goal keeper Julio Ceasar, who kept goal for Inter Milan during their successful Champions League campaign in 2011 and was considered one of the elite tier only a few short years ago, Adel Taarabt who despite his inconsistencies is one of the most dangerous players in the English top flight when in form and big money January signings Loic Remy, an £8 million buy from Marseille and Chris Samba, the former Blackburn picked up for a reported £12 million fee.
  2. This season the 40 point requirement will certainly decrease. I see it being around 34-ish points to survive.

    Can they survive? My heart says yes and my head says no. They have a lot of winnable fixtures remaining and under Harry they are now a hard time to beat (unlike Hughes). They were god-awful under Hughes who is overrated in my opinion. Harry came in too late to set things up how he wanted it as well.

    Why are they in position? Well, it was yet another Hughes team who leaked a ton of goals and could not get a win. He bought the wrong players AND overpaid them for a start, and now Harry has to pick up the remaining pieces. He has signed some good players, but remember they haven't had a pre-season to gell together. They're a team of good individuals but not a good team, and Harry simply came in too late to establish that.
  3. Well looking at those fixtures, I've found 9 points they can get maximum. They're going down.
  4. Southampton (3)
    Sunderland (3)
    Villa (3, easily)
    Fulham (3)
    Wigan (3)
    Everton (0)
    Stoke (3)
    Reading (3)
    Arsenal (1)
    Newcastle (1)
    Liverpool (1)

    I don't see how you calculate 9 points. There are lots of winnable games there. I see a total of 21 winnable points and then perhaps 3 extra points with solid draws (like they have done already against big teams).
  5. Sunderland, funny.

    Southampton -3
    Sunderland -0
    Villa -3
    Wigan -3
    Everton -0
    Stoke -0 (they have the 2nd best defence in the league)
    Reading -1
    Arsenal -0
    Newcastle -0
    Liverpool -0

    10 points.
  6. Yeah Sunderland are so formidable. :haha:
  7. Fulham are looking pretty organized recently, Wigan always finish strong, Stoke although in bad form currently always seem to grind out a result, not sure on Arsenal either tbh.

    Obviously nothing is predictable in football but those games they seem unlikely to win IMO.
  8. Reading lost to Wigan at home and have you seen Stoke's recent record? Sunderland fucksuck, they can easily beat those jabronis.
  9. Have you seen Fulham recently? They've been well poor (apart from today, but teams are always more organised when live on Sky Sports). Away from home they're in shambles but at home they're either very good to the point of overwhelming teams below them, or rather inconsistent and can easily receive a shock defeat.

    You're right about Wigan finishing strong, but they're notoriously worse away from home and it's a home game. That's definitely winnable. If Harry Rednapp said it wasn't he'd be fired, lol.

    My Arsenal judgement has just been based on their recent crap form/
  10. Stoke's last 12 games:


    They went from 2nd best defence to 6th.
  11. Admittedly I haven't watched Fulham beyond today but they did really well organized, judging from their recent results also they've conceded twice in the last 3 league games, not bad but of course they may be flattering scorelines, especially when you've played Man U (although you did smash them in the cup) plus if you're going by recent form aren't QPR worse?

    Arsenal are so random to predict now a days imo, they can be exquisite or terrible although the power of Samba may keep them at bay (I don't think they have anyone up top to combat the roughing up he'll give them plus from set pieces he'll be a huge threat)
  12. [​IMG]

    Their recent results. If you take away today's, and last weeks*, they have been relatively solid recently. To be honest, Fulham are a hard team to predict as well. They're inconsistent but their form on the pitch has been relatively poor in terms of performance recently. But I see QPR getting a draw there.

    *Their result against Swansea was bad. It came because they have been relatively deep and solid in recent weeks and were hard to beat, but since they need points they tried to attack a Godly Swansea side, and got ripped apart by their awesome passing. It was a spoke on the wheel :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Completely agreed. Arsenal are impossible to predict, but they really do lack that quality and confidence. I mean today they struggled to beat Aston Villa at home. That's definitely a drawable match in my opinion.
  13. I want them to make it, being a Taarabt fan, but realistically I'm not sure. Depends how they play and the other bottom teams play as well. They have to win all matches against the other bottom 4 teams.
  14. i don't think they will more money than sense there not a team there just a group of individuals want them vill and s'hampton to go down
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