Can Rey Mysterio turn on Sin Cara?

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  1. Surely these two won't last forever as a tag-team, I'm convinced they're only a team now so Rey can help Sin Cara settle into the style, plus it's someone Sin can actually talk to. So when they eventually do split, can Rey even turn on Sin? There's no way Rey can go heel at the moment so it's (in my opinion) 100% going to be Sin that screws Rey, leading to their match at Wrestlemania.

    Wrestlemania looks like it's going to have a few awesome matches actually.
  2. There was discussion of them winning the tag team tournament and then getting the tag belts. Then a few months down the line (about February) turning Rey heel for a match at Mania so they can do the world record attempt for masks.

    Rey is always better as a face. Cara would be better as a heel, you're right.
  3. I agree. How are they going to try and get the world record, giving everyone free tickets to wear the mask or something?
  4. The only thing I have about this potential feud is that Sin Cara can't speak a word of English or at least his English is very bad. So if he's not talking I'm not interested in this feud. Rey Mysterio is a fantastic person to put Cara over at Wrestlemania and hopefully he will do.
  5. He should at least know some english because how does he manage his normal life in an english speaking country.
  6. I have no idea, but apparently he doesn't speak any English. It's been reported a few times.
  7. Wow, sucks to be him. He can't get pushed without any mic time and how the hell is he going to start a feud?
  8. That's exactly my point. I'm sure someone will be helping him learn English. That's why he botches from time to time in the ring because of lack of communication. That's why they've partnered him with Rey.
  9. I don't think there needs to be a turn necessarily. They can easily make a story of people asking 'who's the better luchadore? Well we'll have to see who's the better man at 'mania!', and that's more likely as it's the safe option.

    Whatever happens, I can see Cara getting booed out of the building at 'Mania, if he doesn't injure himself in the run up that is...
  10. I like the sound of this.
    Maybe they start doing a thing to out do eachother and then their like well if you think your so good why don't you face me, etc.
  11. Looks like they're going to be friends for a long time however. And I don't even know if Rey is going to turn on Sin Cara imo.
  12. Rey just can't turn heel imo. He shifts too much merchandise and is a forever face.
  13. This is along the lines of what I see happening. Eventually, they may have their problems as a tag team. One might grow jealous of the other; Mysterio is jealous that Sin Cara might be replacing him as the future or something, and/or Sin Cara might be jealous that he'll never be as good as Mysterio. They'll try to show each other that they're better, and eventually, they'll decide to resolve their differences at Wrestlemania in a Respect Match. I imagine that regardless who wins, they'll shake hands and part ways after that. I honestly can't see either one of them turning heel.
  14. I read the title wrong.
  15. Rey won't turn. If someone turns it'll be Cara, but I like the idea proposed on the thread (both faces) better. With Sin Cara going over Rey clean at WM, there you have it, passing of the torch. Let's just hope he's able to adapt to the style and learn English.
  16. It really has to be in an agressive, bad, bad way to really make it work. Rey has been a babyface and a role model for such a long time. So there must happen something so good and worked really well to make it happen.

    Sure Rey can pull it off, just not sure about how the situation will go down.
  17. I agree.
  18. No changes, go with what R'Albin say IMO. Both are natty faces so play off that, plus Mistico wasn't that great as a Rudo IMO (tooooo much exaggeration on his movements, he was basically saying look me bad guy now look at me) although he had some sexy ass attire.

  19. Yeah, they are going to have a rivalry about "Who is the best luchador"
  20. Sucks to be him? He could.... LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH

    lazy bastard. Wish he would go back to Mexico TBH
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