Can Robbie E ever get into the main event?

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  1. He himself has stated that is his goal, to win the TNA world title, do you think he can do that under his current gimmick? If not, do you think he can get repackaged and then push on and complete that goal?
  2. Under the current gimmick? No. In future? Maybe, if they make him serious, at least in the troll heel mode, a la Daniels. But, he's perceived as joke on TV, so the fans wouldn't buy him as the champ. There needs to happen a drastic change in booking.
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  3. Maybe if he would trim it down a little.

    If he could do less of the dumbness and all, his current gimmick could get him there.

    Cool thing is, it's just the gimmick holding him down.... You don't see that too often.
  4. You do, lol.
  5. Explain..
  6. They need to break him off from Robbie T and the Jersey Shore gimmick first. As for what they would turn him into, I have no clue. Maybe give him a lengthy X division title reign ala Aries, build some cred, then put his title up for a chance at the big belt.
  7. I enjoy his overselling but he isn't world title material
  8. this.
  9. I enjoy seeing him and Terry on TV, they're lots of fun and sillyness they do is just hilarious.

    He has the potential to be the main event player, but I also doubt it can be with this gimmick. I'm thinking next year they should put him in the BFG Series, job him to literally everyone and even book him to get into minus, lets say -30 pts. Then, when he loses the last match in the Series, he's in disbelief and snaps, drops the gimmick and goes on to to the upper-card scene with a totally another gimmick.
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  10. Holy shit, awesome idea, Testify! :boss:
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  11. Santino is one. A decent in ring worker as well as being good on the mic, but is never gonna get anywhere with his shitty gimmick. Ehh Matt Morgan is another who springs to mind when in WWE.
  12. Crayo said 'You do..' that's why I wanted an explanation.
  13. I don't see it happening, but then again I'm not a fan of his so I might be biased.
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