Ring of Honor Can ROH become a financial alternative to WWE and TNA?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. At the moment in American wrestling there are two places you can go to make a comfortable living, WWE and TNA (the first moreso than the other obviously do to the sheer size of the company and brand). Wrestlers on the independents more often than not need to work multiple companies all over the country if they wish to only wrestle for a living and not have a day job. And then there is ROH.

    ROH is as of two years ago owned completely by the Sinclair broadcasting group, a company that owns and runs TV networks. Meaning that the wrestlers working for/under contract with ROH are actually working for Sinclair. And Sinclair is doing good numbers. The company is expanding into more and more states and areas, buying up networks and stations and making a profit if sources are to be believed (the company is publicly traded and doing well in the stocks). And Sinclair brings ROH to every new network/state, in effect expanding the presence of ROH in media. So it seems like Sinclair sees at least some value in ROH. If Sinclair keeps making a profit and expanding, could you see ROH growing to become a financial alternative for wrestlers alongside WWE and TNA? Meaning that it would be a place were wrestlers could work full time and make a comfortable living without having to work multiple companies for small change to make ends meet or having a day job?

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