Can Sami Calihan get far?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I know his size somewhat limits him to get REALLY far, but could he make it to the big leagues? What the guy lacks in size he makes up for in charisma and promo ability in my opinion. I've not seen LOADS of the guy, but I've seen enough to be entertained thoroughly by his work.

    I was going to link videos and such, but to be honest, we only do that when we want to show what they can do to those who haven't seen him, and I'm guessing anyone who is reading this has already seen more of him than me.

    So yeah, can he?
  2. Joining in the indie fun, I knew you'd be into that guy :obama:

    Yeah I see him making it to the E, he's like a mini Ambrose. Ideally after Jacobs because I love that princess.
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  3. He could make it. The dude has that rare type of charisma so once he clutches on to you you can't look away.

    There is a reason the old ECW roster let him close down the last ever wrestling show in the ECW arena.
  4. I think he'll end up in WWE for sure, but how far will he go there, I can't predict.
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