Can someone do me a solid?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. And sort of recap what has gone down in TNA over the past x amount of months?

    I basically haven't seen much of anything since the original Saban title win. I've read a tiny bit and watched even less, but essentially have no idea what is going on.

    No spoilers from last night's show, just lead me up to that so I can watch the go home show and get ready for the PPV sunday.

    I just need major plot points and feuds along with any turns or character changes.
  2. Sabin is a bitch heel, EY and Park are together and they are still stretching out the blood abyss shit. Wes was kicked out of aces and 8s, AJ styles won, EGO waned to put Roode into a HoF and Angle came out (hes getting inducted at bfg preshow) ahh ODB beat Micky and she left, Anderson had a match vs bully you really need to see (it seriously was awesome) and Aries hardy samoa joe manic and sabin are in a match at bfg for the title, it makes no sesne. The Hogan leaving shit really took too much time off the show. And im sure you already know, AJ styles is winning the BFG after getting that stipulation last year.

    Other than that it's business as usual. Sting is facing magnus to put magnus over, they told us that about 4 times. Lady Tap'a or whatever is going to face velvet. Sabin is a huge bitch now, Aries has been on commentary and it was dope, EGO is badass as hell and possibly even > BI because Roode is just pretentious as hell, and Bully is with assmacher, so there are ass shots you really missed out on.

    Hernandez and Chavo havent even been on the show lately, and most of the focus has been on good stuff.
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  3. I didnt watch last nights show either, synchchat? Bro? Synchchat?
  4. this all sounds... bleh
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  5. Honestly the card is great almost every week. The MEM aces and 8s shit has been bad, but it really hasnt ruined the show with Aries going back to x division and mostly on commentary (which was just great) and Roode with BI being EGO is also quality.

    Just wait for Testify to post a couple matches to watch, and call it good. I'm honestly excited for the x match most because i have no idea who will win. That is a match we should all bet on.
  6. I just want TNA to go back to the days when Roode and Aries were main eventing :cry:
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  7. Basically like Aids said. It's a good show every week but if you try to explain it it just sounds horrible.

    Bischoff took over Creative, scorched all the terrible storylines going on, slapped together some BFG build, and turned Ditsy heel.
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  8. It's honestly moving in the right direction, if only we could count hogan out and anderson in. Dixie heel has been good, the matches have been awesome to say the least, the xdivision still has no build but you can hope that changes after bfg like last year. The shitty people have hardly been involved at all, the x division matches have been short, and since you are complaining, Adouble beat Hardy clean with a sick move. That alone makes it a winner. Also all the AJ matches have been pretty great, and they have changed up commentary multiple times to have people who have real charisma talk.

  9. Clearly lol. I was hoping to get hyped for BFG but the opposite has happened
  10. you are best case scenario. The matches all look really great in my opinion, and here has been short build you missed out on that can be a 2minut recap. The show will be great, and you got to miss all the mem bullshit and aces and 8s horrible storylines (although knux has looked pretty good lately) and honestly that was about it.

    If someone hadn't seen TNA before i would tell them BFG would be a great show to start, because a lot of things will change.
  11. We can count Anderson as being back soon, isn't he? Thought Test posted that he resigned. Heel Dixie on her own hasn't been bad, match quality is as good as ever, the x-division leaves you wanting more but at least it's doing that... Right on everything except different commentary.

    Yeah, since the creative change happened Bound for Glory feels like a B-show, but maybe that's for the best. Take Sting and Magnus for example. Obviously they were building to using these two in some big MEM vs Aces and Eights match, and instead they turned Tessmacher heel to make the Aces jealous and want Bully back + created EGO to troll Magnus to break that whole deal up. Soooooo much better than the original plan.

    A lot of stuff they couldn't build for. How can you write Anderson into the show if you don't know he'll be there? Surely they were building towards Taryn finally winning the belt, but she got pregnant.

    BFG is a B-show, but hopefully things will be more stable after that.
  12. - there's no Tito and Rampage anymore on the show (for the time being). Brooke and Hulk Hogan are gone. We barely see Chavo these days. All the good stuff.

    - Aces & 8s are down to Bully, Knux & Garett because of Bully being an evil fuckin dictator ****

    - Bully Ray, AJ Styles and heel Dixie Carter are the center of the show now. I have no complaints on either one of those three's performances lately.

    - Chris Sabin is one big heel prick now

    - A Double is still awesome as he pinned Hardy clean in a one-on-one match (besides Styles and Sting, who else has done that accomplishment in Hardy's TNA run?)

    - IT FACTOR Bobby Roode is possibly doing the finest work of his career lately, along with Bad Influence, as they make Kerr fucking Angle their little bitch

    - Sting will put over the young Magnus this Sunday night on PPV, as Magnus is awesome, and Sting isn't an asshole like HHH or HH

    - Tessmacher has the best ass in this fucking business

    - you have to watch some stuff TNA has done lately (Bully vs. Anderson, Hardcore Justice Ladder match, BFGS Finals, EGO HoF...)
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  13. A must see.
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  14. ^ and this of course, LOL.
  15. This a must watch. Watching it again.
  16. Btw, I am so sorry that I didn't show up first here to hype D'Z for BFG.

    If my nanny was buried alive somewhere and she had a cellphone talking with either one of the guys, Rainman and CRAY0 Johnson , they wouldn't get her hyped about getting out of casket. They would make her die. 4/10 for the promotional skills of you two. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  17. Come on man, you know I'll be honest! Hard to point out a bunch of stuff to get hyped about until they get stabilized creatively. (Even though you've gotta start with "yeah but Impact's still good every week")

    Yeah, BFG is pretty much a B-show as it pertains to storylines, but the card looks good so if you watch it you'll surely come away impressed. There, that better?

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  19. A's and 8's fizzled out like every heel stable does. Soon they'll have a new heel stable. You'll love it I'm sure.

    TNA BABY!:dawg:
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