Ring of Honor Can Someone Explain The ROH TV Schedule?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Star Lord, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. This may sound like a noob question to some folks but it has confused me for months, The ROH TV schedule seems out of whack, It seems like every time there is a big event like Death Before Dishonour they just air pieces of it week by week on TV, Anyone care to help me on this one?
  2. They're schedule is rather wack. They tend to do PPVs/events (ROH doesn't do PPVs anymore) on Saturdays and then they are supposed to tape one month of TV on Sundays after. But they still air the PPVs (understandable considering match quality being overall better. But then they still run one event per week average so I don't see why they couldn't make that into TV at the same time.
  3. Yeah, It gets pretty confusing at times.
  4. They are ridiculously behind on TV. They seem to have catched up lately and I think they are slowly going into making TV out of their weekly/bi-weekly events. Which is much smarter. Gets them on the road more often and more up to date.
  5. Yeah like this weeks TV episode is Tomasso Vs Jesse from GBH and its odd why you would give away the event for free and then try and sell it on DVD and VOD.
  6. They don't show the entire event on TV. Meaning you'd have to buy the DVD to get the entire event and most likely a lot of bonus material.
  7. I guess your right but didn't they show the main event on TV? I know they put up the Elgin/Cole finals for the title and it just seems pretty odd, yeah you need to buy it to get the other matches but still giving away the main event especially isn't smart.
  8. WWE does the same thing. They sell PPVs on DVD and episodes of RAW and Smackdown. People buy it. ROH is moving into becoming a TV product more and more (logical since their mother company is a TV company) so they need to put exciting stuff on the TV to get people watching. They are making good business, otherwise they wouldn't be running as many events as they currently are.
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